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Kansas Day 94

This card issued by Bill and Linda Graves invites fellow Kansans to join them for a "Kansas Celebration" to reflect on the solid beliefs, actions and understandings that makes the state rich in tradition on its 133rd anniversary of statehood.


Message of Charles Robinson, Governor of Kanzas, Delivered at Topeka, June 11, 1857

Robinson, Charles, 1818-1894

Charles Robinson addressed his remarks to the Senate and House of Representatives that met as the extra legal free state legislature during 1856 and 1857. He reviewed the violence that had occurred since the legislature first convened in March, 1856. He also indicated that since their terms would soon expire, the legislature needed to pass an election law and make provisions for a census, otherwise the free state government would no longer exist if it had not formal procedures for continuing. The address included several statements about how the officially recognized government was usurping its powers.


Paul R. Wunsch

Wunsch, Paul Robert, 1901-1980

This campaign letter from Republican candidate Paul R. Wunsch reminds state employees to vote for him in the August 4th primary election for Kansas Governor. The letter goes on to state how he advocated, during his twenty-eight years of legislative service, for salary increases for state employees and his support for the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System. A yellow flyer is included with newspaper headlines from across the state endorsing his candidacy.


Kansas Board of Pharmacy reports

Kansas. Board of Pharmacy

These reports, published by the Kansas Board of Pharmacy, may include the secretary's annual report to the governor, board proceedings, cases prosecuted, laws, rules and regulations, legal decisions, and lists of registered pharmacists, pharmacies, and assistants. Names are frequently listed alphabetically and by county. Some reports contain short sketches of deceased members. A fifth annual report is not known to exist. The fourth and sixth reports were both published in 1891. Gaps in publication or holdings exist in 1900; 1917-1934; 1936; 1939; 1941-1947; 1949-1954; 1956-1957; 1959-1966; 1968-1971; and post 1972. Funds to underwrite the digitization of these reports, Board of Pharmacy Examination questions (Item # 214023), and the Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations (Item #214924) were provided by the Jere Matchett Memorial Fund. This donation also funded the scanning of photographs of drug stores across Kansas to include them in Kansas Memory.


Where Kansas stands

This good roads promotional brochure published by the Kansas Good Roads Association argues that Kansas' position as a national leader in farm production makes good roads a necessity.


Programme of the Quarter-Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Kansas at Bismarck Grove, Lawrence, on the Kansas Pacific Railway

This broadside lists the various events that were planed for the 25th anniversary celebration of the opening of Kansas Territory to settlement. The events were held at Bismark Grove near Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas. Church services were held on Sunday, September 14. Other activities included a Quarter-Centennial Salute by 25 guns at sunrise on Monday, Sept. 15, various musical entertainment; remarks by numerous early antislavery settlers in Kansas and current U.S. Senators and the Governor of Kansas J.P. St. John; an address by Eli Thayer of Worcester, Massachusetts, who was a supporter of the New England Emigrant Aid Company; a "Grand Barbecue Dinner" and a "Grand Farewell Sociable" followed by fireworks. This poster also includes advertisments from numerous Lawrence businesses.


William Allen White arrest clippings

Topeka Journal

This collection of newspaper clippings recounts William Allen White's defiance of the Kansas governor and Court of Industrial Relations with his public support for striking railroad workers which ultimately led to his arrest. White was editor and owner of the Emporia Gazette newspaper, Emporia, Kansas.


Re-elect Governor Bennett

This political campaign brochure promotes the re-election of Governor Robert Bennett and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Larry Montgomery. Governor Bennett reminds voters through his political slogan, "doing what Kansans want done", that he has held the line on taxes, strengthened the state's economy, advocated on the behalf of farmers, and worked to ensure the safety for all citizens of the state. Democratic challenger John Carlin defeated Bennett in the November general election.


George Storch

Ingalls, Sheffield

A portrait of George Storch, copied from History of Atchison County Kansas by Sheffield Ingalls. Storch was born in Bavaria, Germany, February 22, 1835, and at age seventeen, he came the United States and settled in Atchison, Kansas. After working on area farms, Storch opened a mercantile business. With the money from the store, Storch was able to invest in land and engage in the banking business. In 1873, he organized the German Savings Bank in Atchison, Kansas. Storch was active in politics and served two terms in the Kansas House of Representatives.


Part 12: Exodusters, in first annual report of the Bureau of Labor and Industrial Statistics

Kansas Bureau of Labor

This excerpt of the Kansas Bureau of Labor report includes only Part 12, the portion of the report focusing on the Exodusters in Wyandotte, Kansas. The report includes transcribed testimonies of Exodusters as well as a detailed table showing statistics compiled from seventeen families, including their location, ages, health, and occupations. The report also includes a few references to Exodusters in Topeka.

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