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E. H. Funston home in Allen County, Kansas

Multiple images of the Edward Hogue Funston home, located in Allen County, Kansas. The father of General Fred Funston was born at Donnelsville, Clark County, Ohio, on September 16, 1836, and married Ann Eliza Mitchell in September 1861. He served throughout the Civil War in the Sixteenth Ohio Battery. He moved his family to Kansas in December 1867 where he established a prosperous, diversified farm just north of Iola. E. H. Funston was an officer in the Kansas State Agricultural Society and the State Board of Agriculture and served in Kansas House of Representatives (1873-1875) and the Kansas Senate (1881-1885), before winning election to the U.S. Congress in 1884. Funston expressed interest in (and made some effort to obtain) the Republican nomination for governor and congressman from the second district and continued to use his powerful voice to speak out on issues of interest to him and many of his Allen county neighbors until his death on September 10, 1911.


Dr. C. F. Menninger and sons

These three photographs show Dr. C. F. Menninger, Dr. Karl, and Dr. Will, and Edwin. Dr. C. F. Menninger, with sons Will and Karl, founded the nation's first group psychiatry practice, in 1919 in Topeka. In 1925 in an old farmhouse, they started the Menninger Clinic on the west edge of Topeka, Kansas. The farmhouse became the inpatient clinic and the surrounding 20 acres were developed with buildings and gardens to become the "East Campus" of the Menninger Foundation. In 1982, the "West Campus", a much larger area, was developed west of Topeka, a residential scale community of 28 structures on a 350 acre hilltop campus. In 2003, the Menninger Foundation was moved to Houston, Texas. Edwin's interests were in horticulture, also a strong interest of Dr. C.F. evidenced by the first horticulture therapy program and the landscaping on both campus.


LINKS, Incorporated Debutantes Ball and Ball committees

Dandridge, Deborah L., 1946-

These photographs show planning committee members and attendees of the LINKS Debutantes Ball in Topeka, Kansas throughout the 1960s.


Rebekah lodge, Cimarron, Kansas

This photograph shows members of the Rebekah Lodge in Cimarron, Kansas.


Plowing a field in Sheridan County, Kansas

These photographs show two views of Floyd Karnes plowing with a three-bottom plow on his farm in the south Solomon River Valley, six miles west of Studley, Kansas, Sheridan County.


William and Catharine Menninger's family over the years

The photographs, from Catharine's personal collection, show the children and grandchildren. Dr. Will was co-founder of the Menninger Clinic in 1919. They were married in 1925. Their three sons, Roy Wright, Philip Bratton, and William Walter all continued the Menninger Clinic in Topeka.


Ground breaking for a cottage at The Villages in Topeka, Kansas

Four Menningers -- Karl, Roy, Phil and Bob -- are shown breaking ground for The Villages, a non-profit group home for dependent, neglected children referred by the Juvenile Justice system and the Child in Need of Care system. Dr. Karl founded the homes, believing that a natural home setting with love and support from cottage parents is the best healing for children who have suffered neglect and abandonment.


William C. and Catharine W. Menninger

This photograph was taken for the 40th wedding anniversary of Dr. Will and Cay. Dr. C.F. Menninger and his sons, Dr. Karl and Dr. Will, founded the Menninger Clinic in Topeka in 1919.


Christmas 1964 at the Karl Menninger residence in Topeka, Kansas

Dr. Karl and Jean Menninger with Babar at Christmas. Dr. Karl wrote fifteen books and many articles on psychiatry and mental health.


Menninger Family Christmas 1965

Christmas at Dr. Karl Menninger's residence with three of the grand daughters, Nancy Gottesman, Ann Menninger, and Sarah Menninger. Dr. Karl wrote 15 books and many articles on psychiatry and mental health. The second photo shows Joan Klemmer with Dr. Karl as Santa Claus.

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