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Portheus Molossus fossil, Oakley, Kansas

This is a view of a fossilized fish at a school in Oakley, Kansas. The photograph is a reverse image and includes the hands and a leg of a man engaged in cleaning an area beneath the fossil's lower jaw. The man in the photo may be George F. Sternberg. The label on the fossil reads Portheus Molossus.


Dr. Samuel Wendell Williston

Photo of Dr. Samuel Wendell Williston, 1851-1918, born in Boston and moved to Kansas in 1857. He attended Kansas State Agricultural College, Manhattan, and Yale University. He was appointed as professor of geology and anatomy and dean of the medical department at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, and helped to establish the KU medical school and served on the Kansas Board of Health. He did not practice medicine but was involved in establishing licensing requirements for medical practitioners. Dr. Williston collected fossils and entered into extensive paleontological research and was involved in the development of a major fossil collection at the university's Dyche Museum. With his interest in archeology, though not an archeologist by training, he made significant contributions to Kansas archeology which included work at the El Cuartelejo pueblo site and the Twelve Mile Creek Paleoindian site.


Zimmerman Park Expedition, Rice County, Kansas

These ten photographs show various scenes from the Zimmerman Park Expedition at the Indian lodge site in Rice County, Kansas. Members of the expedition included Mark E. Zimmerman, Edward E. Park, Dr. Vance N. Robb, Paul Jones, and Horace Jones.

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