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Sunny Side School, Jefferson County, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows a group of students and their teacher, Vernona Wellman, standing outside of the Sunny Side School in Jefferson County, Kansas. The students have been identified from left to right as follows: FRONT ROW: Elwood Schultz, Warren Bussing, Hazel Shaw, Marie Worthington, Maxine Murphy. SECOND ROW: ___? __, Bryan Neal, Claude Gordon, Grace Ford, Lila Ousdahl, Marcella Murphy, Gladys Wiebel, Earl Curl, Bryone Wilson, Frank Jones. BACK ROW: Lloyd Jones, Waldo Schultz, Bennie Leeman, Ruth Gordon, Arthur Jones, Harold Sage, Lola Wilbur, Grace Schultz, Verona Wellman-teacher.


Two-room school, Graham/Sheridan County District #1, Studley, Kansas

These photographs, taken around 1914, show the Studley School, a two-teacher, two-room wood structure located across from Studley cemetery. One photograph is a group of students : Hugh Key in back row among the girls as the sign held by the first row of students indicates. Elsie Pratt, third row, is the tall girl with hair bow; John Pratt, front center, is looking over boys' shoulders; Abram Pratt wearing a cap with his hands on two boys' shoulders; and Eddie Cunningham on extreme left, front row.


School children, Gray County, Kansas

This photograph shows students standing next to their rural school in Gray County, Kansas.


Immanuel Lutheran School students, Sheridan County, Kansas

This photograph shows a group of Immanuel (Immanual) Lutheran School students outside their school house, possibly in 1926.


Schools in Sheridan County, Kansas

These two photographs show different groups of students outside wood-framed school houses in Sheridan County.


Lake Valley School, Finney County, Kansas

The photograph shows a group of unidentified people in front of the Lake Valley School in Finney County, Kansas in 1917.


Shoe Shop School scene, Finney County, Kansas

Maude Elliott explains on the back of the photograph how the chuck wagon she was using as a school progressed into a shoe shop in Garden City. When the new district was opened, the wagon was hitched behind a pair of mules who drew it to the new school location. Maude Elliott was supposed to get a new school house, but unfortunately the new school building was still unfinished by the time she left.


Fairview School, Nicodemus, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows a group of African-American students with their teacher from Fairview School near Nicodemus, Kansas. The school was located 2 miles north of Nicodemus. A few names are visible but it is not clear to what child they apply.


Classroom, Jefferson, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows three boys in an unidentified classroom in Jefferson County, Kansas. In the background, the daily lessons have been written on a chalkboard.


School children, Gray County, Kansas

This is a photograph showing rural school children in Gray County, Kansas.

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