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Snow tunnel, Cimarron, Kansas

This is a photograph showing a snow tunnel built over a sidewalk in Cimarron, Kansas. The tunnel was built by Millerand and Dillman. It was labeled a "subway." There are men standing on the tunnel and 3 boys by the tunnel.


Peach canning time on the farm

Martin, William H., 1865-1940

This photomontage or exaggerated postcard shows a group of men canning and preserving oversize peaches.


Children, Medicine Lodge, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows children watching puppies eat from a pail in Medicine Lodge, Kansas.


Cultivating potatoes, Valley Falls, Kansas

This black and white photograph shows a woman with children cultivating potatoes in a field near Valley Falls, Kansas.


Harvesting turnips

This photograph shows a group of people harvesting turnips at an unidentified location.


Cattle in a fenced pasture

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

This is a view of cattle in a fenced pasture, next to a barn, on an unidentified farm presumed to be in Haskell County, Kansas. Also visible in the photograph are a man afoot, a horse-drawn carriage, a farmhouse and outlying farm buildings, and a man and boys astride horses.


Children on steps of schoolhouse

This is a photograph of children and a dog standing on the steps of District 99 schoolhouse in Gray County.


Girl with dolls

This black and white photograph shows a young girl dressed in formal clothing with her dolls in a garden setting. One doll is in a doll buggy and the little girl is holding a smaller doll.


Young girl in Cimarron, Kansas

This is a photograph of a young girl playing in the front yard of the Burgess' home in Cimarron, Kansas. She is standing beside a tricycle. Visible are a few buildings located across the street from the Burgess' home. There appears to be a baby or a doll in a high chair at the right side of the image.


Children, Sheridan County, Kansas

These are three photographs of children in Sheridan County, Kansas. The first one is a toddler in a white overdress with a large white lace collar sitting on rocking chair that has sewn flowers on the head support. The second photograph shows two girls and a boy viewing a large snowman. The third photograph shows three boys with guns with an outbuilding in the background.

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