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Glenn Luther Martin

Martin Information Services, Baltimore Maryland

These two photographs show aviation pioneer Glenn Luther Martin (1886-1955). The first photograph shows Martin with actress Mary Pickford on location for the movie "A Girl of Yesterday". The second image shows Martin at the controls of an airplane. His interest in aviation began at an early age when he assembled and sold box kites for 25 cents to family and friends. In 1917, Martin's vision for air travel prompted him to form the Glen L. Martin Company. This corporation became one of the leading defense contractors between World War I and the Cold War. He managed the company for nearly forty years until his death on December 5, 1955, at the age of seventy-nine. In 1961, after his death, the company merged with the American-Marietta Corporation to become Martin-Marietta. In 1995, the company merged with the Lockheed Corporation. The newly formed Lockheed Martin Corporation became one of the largest defense contractors in the United States. He lived in Salina, Kansas, for a portion of his childhood.


Smoky Hill Army Air Force Base, Salina, Kansas

United States Army Air Forces

This photograph shows a gunnery instructor teaching a crew of B-29 gunners at the Smoky Hill Army Air Field in Salina, Kansas.


Glenn L. Martin and his 1912 model biplane

This is a photograph of Glenn L. Martin and his 1912 model biplane, which he used for barnstorming tours. For many years, Glenn lived in Salina, Kansas, and later attended Kansas Wesleyan University. The football stadium at Kansas Wesleyan is the Martin Stadium. He was involved in the aviation industry. He founded his own aircraft company in 1912 which, through several mergers, was amalgamated into the Lockheed Martin company.


Governor William "Bill" Preston Graves

A portrait of William "Bill" Preston Graves who was first served in public office as Secretary of State of Kansas from 1987 to 1995. In 1994, he was elected the forty third Governor of Kansas and became one of the youngest Governors in Kansas history at the age of forty-one. Graves easily won re-election in 1998 by one of the largest margins of victory in a Kansas gubernatorial race. During his tenure, the largest tax cut in state history was passed into law and many state services were streamlined or privatized.


Carlin's Drug Store, Salina, Kansas

These three photographs show exterior and interior views of Carlin's Drug Store in Salina, Kansas. The first photograph shows an exterior view of the store which is different from the other dated exterior view. The sign above the stairs leading to the office on the upper floor reads, "Dr. Dewees." The second photograph shows an exterior view with a sign reading, "Carlin's Pharmacy," and showing the traditional mortar and pestle pharmacy symbol. Three girls and a dog are visible in front of the store. Signs in the windows advertise the comedian Harry Corson Clarke and a presentation titled "His Absent Boy." The third photograph shows an interior view of the store with three men visible. The men are identified (from left to right) as Henry Law, Frank Law, and Tom Carlin. Several display cases are visible along the left and right sides of the store, and the case in the middle contains boxes of cigars. Bottles of chemicals and pharmacy supplies are visible on the shelves along the left side of the store.


Karl Benz Meat Market in Salina, Kansas

This is a view of the Karl Benz Meat Market in Salina, Kansas. There is also a harness shop and a Tin and Sheet Iron shop included in the view. There are several men and boys standing on the wooden sidewalk in front of the buildings.


William Addison Phillips

Portrait of William Addison Phillips, an author, lawyer, journalist and politician. In 1857, Phillips attended the Constitution Convention at Topeka and the Free State Conventions at Centropolis, Lawrence, and Grasshopper Falls. He founded the town of Salina in April, 1858. In that same month and year, Phillips was nominated at the Topeka Free-State Convention under the Leavenworth Constitution to serve as a supreme court judge. He attended the Convention at Osawatomie and the Republican State Convention at Lawrence in 1859. Phillips served in the Kansas Volunteer Regiments and rose to the rank of colonel. From March 4, 1873 to March 3, 1875 Phillips was an at large representative to the United States Congress and from March 4, 1875 to March 3, 1879 he represented the First District.


Fire truck, Salina, Kansas

This photograph shows a crash scene involving a fire truck in Salina, Kansas. The partial caption below the photograph states, "Chief Brodbeck was Salina's First Fire Chief. Going to a fire driving..."


Salina Plumbing Company delivery wagon, Salina, Kansas

These three photographs show the delivery wagons of the Salina Plumbing Company in Salina, Kansas. The first image shows Anna Geis, the bookkeeper, standing next to the wagon. The second view shows Ed Sharp leaning on the wagon. The last photograph shows just the horse and wagon.


North Star Drug Store, Salina, Kansas

These photographs show exterior and interior views of the North Star Drug Store in Salina, Kansas. The first photograph shows an exterior view of the store with four men standing in front of the doorway. They are identified as Emil Lagbach, Bill Cacher (son of Dr. Cacher), A. Lagbach (assistant), and Mister Nelson (druggist). The sign above the doorway includes the traditional mortar and pestle pharmacy symbol, and also has the words "Svensk Apotek," identifying the store as a "Swedish pharmacy." Signs in the window advertise "Wa-Hoo Blood and Nerve Tonic." The second photograph shows an interior view of the store with employees and customers visible in the picture. A display case with boxes of cigars is visible on the left. A table with newspapers and magazines on it is visible in the middle, with other tables and chairs behind it. A soda fountain service counter is visible on the right. Signs above the shelves advertise cigars, perfumes, photo supplies, rubber goods, prescriptions, stationery, and candy.

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