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1995 Excavations at the Havana Stage Station, 14OS1301

Shown are eleven images taken during the excavation at the Havana Stage Station in Osage County during the Kansas Archeology Training Program field school in 1995. The Havana Stage Station was built along the Santa Fe trail in 1858 and by the early 1870s had ceased to function as station and became part of the outbuildings of a farm. Shown is a view of the former station taken in the 1950s, a sketch of the site in 1995, a sketch of the station ruins in 1995, five views of the station's foundations and walls, two views of mapping and recordkeeping, and the nearby stone corral.


19th Annual Convention of the National Association of Colored Women

Dandridge, Deborah L., 1946-

This panorama shows attendees of the convention of the National Association of Colored Women held July 21 to July 26, 1935. The signs on the building read "Mount Zion Temple" and "Mt. Zion Settlement School of Music, Kathleen Forbes." This appears to be Mt. Zion Congregational Church on E. 55th Street and Central Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio, where the organization held its 19th annual convention in 1935. Two women to the left side of the photo wear nursing uniforms. Three other women hold signs reading "Con" (presumably Connecticut), "Illinois," and "Ohio."


Ada and Burt McColl gathering buffalo chips

McColl, Ada

Ada and her brother Burt McColl (in a dress) are gathering buffalo chips to use for heating and cooking fuel. An abridged version of this photograph without Burt is very common. For more information on this photograph, see the link to Reflections (Summer 2008) below. A family member confirmed that Burt (or Bert) was a boy.


Adaline Beedle Sorace

These fifteen photographs show Adaline Beedle Sorace, author of Addie of the Flint Hills, at various periods in her life. The first photograph is Addie at age sixteen. While the next four images have her attending nursing school at Bell Memorial Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas. Images six through ten show Addie with her friends from Matfield Green, Kansas, and a view of the high school in Matfield Green. Images eleven and twelve show Addie with unidentified friends. The last three images have her with members from the Jr. Century Club in Matfield Green.


Ada McColl gathering buffalo chips near Lakin, Kansas

McColl, Polly

In this photograph, pioneer Ada McColl of Kearny County collects buffalo chips. In areas of western Kansas where trees were scarce, these chips were a convenient (and plentiful) source of fuel. This is an abridged version of an original photograph including Ada's brother Burt. The photograph was taken by Polly McColl, Ada's mother. For more information on this photograph, see the link to Reflections (Summer 2008) below.


Agnes DeDonder (Huntsman) and Philip DeDonder.

This is a photo of Agnes DeDonder (Huntsman) and Philip DeDonder, children of Francis and Anna DeDonder taken by the old barn on the DeDonder farm at "Sandy Hook," Rossville township, Shawnee County, Kansas. Agnes is wearing her graduation gown.


Alfred M. Landon's Notification Day parade, Topeka, Kansas

A view of the Coffeyville Tornado Drum Corps, a women's ensemble, in Kansas Governor Alfred M. Landon's Notification Day parade on July 23, 1936, in Topeka, Kansas. The parade was celebrating Kansas Governor Alfred M. Landon's notification of his nomination to run as the Republican Party's candidate in the 1936 presidential election. Landon was defeated in November by a landslide vote for incumbent Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Alice Loyola DeDonder

This is a photo of Alice Loyola DeDonder. Alice never married but kept house for her brother Achille.


Allen D. Birch and family gathered to listen to radio

Allen D. Birch and family are gathered to listen to radio at their home in Topeka, Kansas, in the 1920s.


Amelia Earhart

This is an informal photograph of Amelia Earhart, 1897-1937. She is seated between two women on a parade float in Atchison, Kansas. The two women may be Barbara and Lorraine Hellener, daughters of the City Manager, Earl Hellener. Also visible are the float's driver, spectators, and parked automobiles along the city street. A native of Atchison, Earhart spoke at Memorial Hall to a crowd of 3,500 people during her visit. The parade was June 7, 1935.

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