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Ambulance, Topeka, Kansas

Harrison, Paul

This black and white photograph shows an ambulance belonging to the Penwell Funeral Home at 511 Quincy Street in Topeka, Kansas. In the background, a nurse can be seen standing.


Avery, governor, Republican

A 1966 campaign brochure that promotes the re-election of Republican Governor William Avery. Avery stands behind the slogan "he did what had to be done... and he did it well". He reassures voters that during his administration he acted in a sane sensible manner when it came to fiscal policies and programs in contrast to the reckless behavior of the Federal Government during President Lyndon B. Johnson's administration. Democratic candidate Robert Docking defeated Avery in the November general election.


Interior scenes of Ottawa Steel Products, Kansas

Various interior plant scenes at Ottawa Steel Products. The men are unidentified.


Lecompton High School Sophomore class of 1918-1919, Lecompton, Kansas

Photograph of the Lecompton High School Sophomore class of 1918-1919. Five students are standing along a stone building, possibly the Lecompton Grade School. The students have been identified as: Curtis Schon, Ross Cole, Madge McCall, Chas. Kuhn, Fred Davidson. Verso also contains a listing of three teachers: Mrs. C. T. Giblette, Miss Mattie Caldwell, Miss Virginia Crim. Funded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission through the Kansas State Historical Records Advisory Board.


Ottawa Steel Products plant in Franklin County Kansas

Five views inside the plant of Ottawa Steel Products. None of the workmen are identified.


"On the inside of the Cuban Revolution"

This circular promotes the publication of a lecture by Frederick Funston, 1865-1917, that provided his account of the Cuban revolution and sketches of a few of its leaders.


"Ship by Truck", Topeka, Kansas

This sepia colored photograph shows a farmer standing beside his truck filled with produce for a parade in Topeka, Kansas. On the runner of the truck a sign reads "Ship by Truck". The parade held in conjunction with the Kansas Free Fair was to promote motor transportation and good road day at the fair. Approximately 100 trucks followed the parade route from Eighth & Jackson Streets to the fair grounds to promote the importance of farm life and also the cheaper and quicker way to transport produce to market.


"The End, 1883"

Garretson, M.S.

This ink on paper drawing by Martin Garretson depicts the artist's conception of the changes in western Kansas as the open prairie was claimed for family farms. By 1883, the vast buffalo herds of the central plains had been hunted almost to the point of extinction. In the drawing, one man is shown loading bleached buffalo bones into an oxen-drawn wagon, while another man with a horse-drawn plow has begun plowing the cleared prairie for a farm crop. A young girl and boy are shown with piles of horns and horned skulls, and a woman is shown standing in the doorway of a small farmhouse in the background.


"The Farmer Feeds Them All," The Farmer's Wife

The Farmer's Wife

The Farmer's Wife, a Populist newspaper published in Topeka, Shawnee County, printed this poem that illustrates the importance of farmers' work. While farm prices were "fixed by members of the various 'Boards of Trade,'" whom the Populists believed to be corrupt, the valuable labor of farmers was under appreciated. The Farmer's Wife was edited by Emma Pack.


"Three Block" cowboys going on cattle watch at night

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

View of Three Block ranch cowboys preparing to go on the second guard duty to watch cattle at night. Visible in the photograph, taken with a flash, are cowboys getting ready for guard duty, and others going to bed next to a chuckwagon.

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