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A and B Drug Company, Marysville, Kansas

These three photographs show interior views of the A and B Drug Company located at 905 Broadway in Marysville, Kansas. The first photograph shows the display cases and shelves along the right side of the store. Magazines are visible in a rack on the right side of the picture, and various items are visible in the cases and on the shelves. A few tables and chairs are visible towards the back of the store, and the stools along the soda fountain service counter are visible on the left side of the picture. The second photograph shows the opposite side of the store from the first photograph. Shelves and a display case that appears to contain boxes of cigars are visible on the left side of the picture, and the soda fountain and service counter are visible near the middle of the picture. More shelves are visible along the back wall of the store. The third photograph shows a different view with more of the shelves and display cases to the left of the soda fountain counter visible. Various items are partially visible on the shelves and cases.


City Drug Store, Fredonia, Kansas

This photograph shows an interior view of the City Drug Store in Fredonia, Kansas. There are two women visible standing behind the soda fountain counter on the left side of the store, and a man is visible standing near the back of the store towards the right side of the picture. There is a glass display case visible on the right side of the picture. This may have been the opening of the drug store as several boquets of flowers are visible towards the back of the store. A sign by the wall near the back end of the counter advertises Whitman's Chocolates.


Commercial Street, Lyons, Kansas

This photograph shows businesses along Commercial Street between East and West Avenues in Lyons, Kansas. Towards the right side of the picture are Swensson Drugs and, just a little farther to the right, Rexall Drugs. Other businesses visible include (from left to right) Chandler National Bank, Anderson Lunch, Groceries and Meats: A Home Grown Store, a lawyer's office, Jones Bakery, a furniture store, a men's wear store, and J. C. Penney Company. Three automobiles are visible parked along the street.


Dental care, Kansas City, Kansas

United States. Works Progress Administration

A young boy getting his teeth cleaned by a dentist in Kansas City, Kansas. This service was provided by the Works Progress Administration's domestic science and food project.


De Soto Drug Store, De Soto, Kansas

These photographs show exterior views of the De Soto Drug Store in De Soto, Kansas. The left side of the building is occupied by the De Soto State Bank. The white rectangle near the top of the fašade has a date for the building which possibly reads 1908. One picture shows the bank, drug store, and an unidentified house. The other picture shows a man standing in front of the drug store. A reflection in the store window shows a utility pole with wires connected to it. To the right of the drug store, just right of the small steps on the sidewalk, a small brief case or doctor's bag is visible on the sidewalk. At the far right of the picture is an object marked "Gasolene, Day-Night." It may be an early gasoline pump.


Dudley's Drug Store, Silver Lake, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of Dudley's Drug Store in Silver Lake, Kansas. A man possibly identified as Dr. Dudley is visible sitting in a chair on the front porch of the store. Also visible on the right side of the picture is an elevator, and a man is visible standing in front of it. Partially visible in the background between the drug store and the elevator is a Union Pacific rail car.


Graves Drug Store, Garnett, Kansas

Interior view of Graves Drug Store. Shown is the soda fountain, employees, and a customer.


Kansas Avenue, Liberal, Kansas

This photograph shows a street scene of Kansas Avenue in Liberal, Kansas. Although they are only partially visible, there are signs for at least three drug stores among the businesses in this picture. Starting from the left side, the first sign is for Taylor's Drugs. The next sign reads, "Dr. Beaty, Dentist, X-Ray." Another drug store sign is visible after that, then a sign for the Stoner Jewelry Company. Other signs on the left side of the street are less visible in the background. On the right side of the street, the sign for the Warren Hotel is visible, and farther in the background, to the left of the sign, another drug store and soda sign is partially visible. Other signs on the right side of the picture include a theater marquee, signs advertising Blatz Milwaukee Beer and Budweiser, and a sign reading, "Department Stores" on the far right. Many automobiles are visible along the street, and several people are also visible along the street.


Main Street, Ottawa, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of the Kramer Drug Store amidst many other stores along Main Street in Ottawa, Kansas. Other business signs visible along the street include New Idea Ready-to-Wear Millinery, The Bonita Gift Shop, Gloria Beauty Salon, Florsheim Shoe Store, and Dr. W. C. Harding, Dentist. There are several men, a boy, and a few girls visible walking along the sidewalk.


Pharmaceutical salesmen, Wichita, Kansas

This photograph shows a group of 14 pharmaceutical salesmen for McKesson-Potts posing outside of a building in Wichita, Kansas. The sign on the door behind the men reads, "McKesson Service, The Standard of Quality." The street location is identified as 117 North Santa Fe.

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