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John Christoph photograph album

This album contains photographs of Ellinwood and Barton County, Kansas, taken by John Christoph. On June 18, 1891, he opened a photography gallery in the north room of a furniture store and continued in the business until February 14, 1919. Christoph also served as the Ellinwood police judge for twenty years.


L. W. Halbe collection

Halbe, L. W. (Leslie Winfield), 1893-1981

The L. W. (Leslie Winfield) Halbe photo collection consists of 1500 glass plate negatives produced by Halbe during his teenage years. Halbe lived in Dorrance, Russell County, Kansas, and began taking photographs of the region with an inexpensive Sears and Roebuck camera when he was fifteen years old.


Kansas Day Club Speech - James Watson

Kansas. Governor (1915-1919: Capper)

This file includes correspondence regarding Mr. Watson's speech for Kansas Day in 1915. Topics included but not limited to in the correspondence is printing of the speech, cost of printing the speech, and number of speeches to be printed. This is part of a bigger collection of Governor Arthur Capper correspondence.


"Ship by Truck", Topeka, Kansas

This sepia colored photograph shows a farmer standing beside his truck filled with produce for a parade in Topeka, Kansas. On the runner of the truck a sign reads "Ship by Truck". The parade held in conjunction with the Kansas Free Fair was to promote motor transportation and good road day at the fair. Approximately 100 trucks followed the parade route from Eighth & Jackson Streets to the fair grounds to promote the importance of farm life and also the cheaper and quicker way to transport produce to market.


Firemen, Solomon, Kansas

This photograph shows members of the volunteer fire department during a Fourth of July parade in Solomon, Kansas. Some of the men can also be seen in Kansas Memory item number 224844.


Governor Clyde M. Reed correspondence, United States Postal Service

Kansas. Governor (1929-1931 : Reed)

This file includes subject correspondence relating to the United States Postal Service. Topics in the correspondence cover but is not limited to postal law, Mother's Day telegrams and mail threats. This file is part of a bigger collection of Governor Clyde M. Reed correspondence.


Arthur Capper and Harold Staadt

Wolfe, Harold B., 1898-1966

An informal portrait of Kansas Senator Arthur Capper with Harold Staadt and his prize winning corn at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas. Capper, 1865-1951, a native of Garnett, Kansas, served Kansas as Governor from 1915 to 1919, and U. S. Senator from 1919 to 1949.


Henry J. Allen, Charles Curtis, and Arthur Capper

An informal portrait of U. S. Senator Henry J. Allen (left of the child in the center), Vice President Charles Curtis, and U. S. Senator Arthur Capper, standing with fellow celebrants at the 75th Anniversary celebration of Atchison, Kansas. Capper (1865-1951) a native of Garnett, Kansas, served as Kansas Governor from 1915 to 1919 and then as U. S. Senator from 1919 to 1949.


Comemorating the raising of the 34th star flag

Schick, Jules

A photograph showing Kansas U. S. Senator Andrew F. Schoeppel, far right; Governor John Anderson, second from right; and U. S. Senator Frank Carlson, far left, holding framed engravings of President Lincoln raising of the thirty-four star flag. The engravings were presented at the centennial commemorative ceremonies in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Re-enacting President Lincoln raising of the 34 star flag

A photograph showing Kansas Governor John Anderson Jr. and Rolla Clymer portraying President Lincoln raising the thirty-four star flag in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at a centennial commemorative event.

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