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Scenes of Sherman County, Kansas

Multiple scenes of Sherman County, Kansas.


Isaac Tichenor Goodnow to Eli Thayer

Goodnow, Isaac Tichener, 1814-1894

Isaac T. Goodnow wrote from Manhattan, Kansas Territory to Eli Thayer in Worcester, Massachusetts. Goodnow asked Thayer for his support for Bluemont Central College (predecessor to Kansas State University), a college chartered near Manhattan which would have "an Agricultural Department of a most thorough practical character." Goodnow asserted that "now when the victory [for free staters] in the main is won" it was time to focus attention on schools and churches.


Laws and forms relating to common schools in the state of Kansas

This pamphlet explains the laws of education in the state of Kansas and how they relate to a common school. An index is provided in the front of the book with a list of subjects that range from the duties of the county superintendent, how school funds were distributed, and what school books were recommended for the classroom. A chapter is devoted to school forms and addresses teachers' certificates, teachers' contracts, and the teacher's daily register. In the back of the pamphlet, a diagram of the "Kansas Desk" and seat is provided. These drawings illustrate the efficient design of classroom furniture.


Bethel College

This is a photograph of the students, faculty, and graduates of Bethel College, Newton, Kans. They appear to be at the back or a side of the Administration Building.


Kansas Territorial Centennial beard contest

This black and white photograph shows a group of teachers from the Topeka School District standing on the steps of a unidentified building in Topeka, Kansas. The men were participants in a beard-growing contest to commemorate Kansas' territorial centennial, 1854-1954.


Ellen Douglas Denison Goodnow to Isaac Tichenor Goodnow

Goodnow, Ellen Douglass Denison, 1812-1890

Ellen Goodnow wrote from Shannon, Kansas Territory, to her husband Isaac, who was traveling on the East Coast. In this letter, which is largely personal, Ellen Goodnow describes a frightening conflict between white settlers in the area and members of the Cheyenne Indian tribe. A neighbor had awakened her in the middle of the night to enlist men to fight alongside members of the Delaware Indians, who had also been attacked by the Cheyennes. Isaac's brother, William, had lead her to safety in Manhattan.


Ellen Douglas Denison Goodnow to Isaac Tichenor Goodnow

Goodnow, Ellen Douglass Denison, 1812-1890

Ellen Goodnow wrote from Shannon, Kansas Territory, to her husband, Isaac, who was traveling in Boston. Ellen asked that he purchase winter supplies for the family and neighbors while he was on the East Coast, and listed their necessities. The letter includes a short note from Joseph Denison, informing Isaac that more money was needed than expected to support the college through the winter.


George S. Park to Isaac Tichenor Goodnow

Park, George S.

George Park wrote from Parkville, Missouri, to Isaac Goodnow, mentioning his efforts to obtain land for Goodnow's "Agricultural College". Park told Goodnow to have his "leading men" write letters to Congress in order to obtain a land grant. He also observed that emigrants were beginning to come in droves.


I. F. Collins to Isaac Tichenor Goodnow

Colletta, John Philip, 1949-

I.F. Collins wrote from Atchison, Kansas Territory, to Isaac Goodnow, informing him that his appointment as Agent for Bluemont Central College had been approved. The College was the predecessor to the Kansas State College of Agriculture and Applied Science, now Kansas State University.


Isaac Tichenor Goodnow and Jasher H. Brous, contract for construction of building at Bluemont Central College

Goodnow, Isaac T. (Isaac Tichenor), 1814-1894

This document outlines an agreement between Isaac T. Goodnow, Agent for Bluemont Central College, and Jasher H. Brous, for construction of a College building. It includes details of individual rooms and specifications of the entire building, as well as a schedule for payments that would be made to Brous.

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