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Samuel Reader self-portrait

Reader, Samuel J.

Self-portrait by Samuel Reader, an early settler and chronicler of territorial life in Kansas. This watercolor was executed in 1908, but based on an early daguerreotype photograph. Reader was an avid diarist who drew in his diaries and, later, his autobiography. During his lifetime, Samuel Reader was best known for his drawings and paintings of the Battle of the Big Blue and other Civil War experiences in Kansas.


James Frazier Legate

Martin, H. T.

This cabinet card shows James Frazier Legate,(1829-1902). A politician from Leavenworth, Kansas, Legate began his political career, in 1861, when he was elected to the first House of Representatives under the Wyandotte Constitution. The following year he was appointed the state assessor for Kansas and was responsible for organizing the revenue services of the state. Legate's political career resumed in 1864, when he was elected to the Kansas Senate from the twenty-fourth district. He served one term in the senate, 1865-1866, before his appointment as a postal agent for the U.S. government, 1867-1868. Within two years, Legate was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives and served from 1871 to 1889. Through out Legate's political career, he was associated with several scandals but never convicted of any wrong doings.


Kansas State Board of Pharmacy examination questions

Board of Pharmacy (Kansas)

These images show pages of the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy's examination questions for obtaining a license as a pharmacist. The three sections of the examinations are labeled Materia Medica, Pharmacy, and Chemistry. The examination given in 1889 contains several questions about medicinal plants and their habitats. The examination given in Fort Scott in 1902 shows questions on converting measurements using both the apothecary system and the metric system, suggesting an increasing level of modern scientific methods in the field of pharmacy. Funds to underwrite the digitization of these examination questions, Board of Pharmacy Reports (Item #218637), and the Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations (Item #214924) were provided by the Jere Matchett Memorial Fund. This donation also funded the scanning of photographs of drug stores across Kansas to include them in Kansas Memory.


Scenes of Sherman County, Kansas

Multiple scenes of Sherman County, Kansas.


Theodore Roosevelt, Newton, Kansas

These two black and white photographs show the Governor of New York, Theodore Roosevelt, campaigning as the Republican candidate for the U.S. vice-presidency in Newton, Kansas. In the first photograph Roosevelt is standing on the rear platform of a train with Kansas Governor William Stanley, and an unidentified gentleman. The second photograph shows Roosevelt speaking before a crowd in Newton Hall. Roosevelt and President William McKinney defeated the Democratic challenger William Jennings Bryan and running mate Adlai Stevenson I in the November general election.


Samuel Austin Kingman

Portrait of Samuel Austin Kingman, Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court, 1861-1865 and Chief Justice, 1867-1876.


Alfred Mossman Landon

Portrait of Alfred Mossman Landon, 1887-1987, at the time he graduated from the University of Kansas.


Olathe City Commission, Olathe, Kansas

A black and white photograph showing city officials from Olathe, Kansas. On the back of the photograph is a list of those pictured as well as a list of the outgoing city officials.


Nelson Case

Romig, Robert W.

This sepia colored photograph shows Nelson Case, (1845-1921). Case a graduate from the University of Michigan settled, in May of 1869, in Oswego, Kansas to practice civil and criminal law. Considered an honest and honorable lawyer among his peers, Case was appointed, in June of 1880, by Governor St. John as a probate judge. He was twice re-elected to the bench but didn't seek a third term. Case soon returned to practicing law and crusading for prohibition. A long time supporter of the temperance movement, he successfully banished saloons from the town of Oswego and rallied for the constitutional amendment of prohibition. Actively involved the community, Case served as the city attorney of Oswego and the editor of the Oswego Independent newspaper. He was also a member of the Republican Party, and was appointed to the board of regents at the state normal school in Emporia. In his spare time, he authored a number of books including "The History of Labette County" and "The Constitutional History of the United States".


Judges in the 23rd judicial district

This is a photograph of judges in the old 14th judicial district and later the 23rd judicial district of Russell County, Kansas. The judges are J. H. Prescott, S. O. Hinds, W. G. Eastland, Lee Monroe, J. H. Reeder, and J. C. Ruppenthal.

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