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Kansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union Frances Willard memorials

This material relates to memorials for Frances Willard, an American reformer for temperance and women's suffrage. She became president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union in 1879 and held the position until her death in 1898. The collection includes printed materials relating to the Frances Willard Memorial Fund, Frances Willard Day (September 28th) Citizenship Programs, correspondence of Mary Evelyn Dobbs and Alice K. McFarland, and surveys detailing visits made by Frances Willard to local unions across Kansas. There are several other groups of official Kansas WCTU records on Kansas Memory. They can be found by selecting Collections - Manuscript - KWCTU/Mary Evelyn Dobbs.


Karl Augustus Menninger

This is a photograph of Dr. Karl Augustus Menninger. He was born in Topeka, Kansas on July 22, 1893. He studied at Washburn College in Topeka, Indiana University, and the University of Wisconsin before finally graduating cum laude from Harvard Medical School in 1917. Dr. Karl became interested in psychiatry and the mental health needs of children during his medical internship at Boston Psychopathic Hospital. Dr. Karl returned to Topeka and began practicing medicine with his father, Dr. Charles Fredrick Menninger; together the two opened the Menninger Diagnostic Clinic in 1919. By 1925, the two doctors started the Menninger Sanitarium, a private facility that served as an alternative to state hospitalization. After securing the services of Dr. William Claire Menninger, Karl's younger brother, the Menninger Foundation was created, offering a variety of mental health services and programs for both adults and children. Dr. Karl also helped to establish, with collaboration from the federal government, the Winter VA Hospital, whose potential as a training ground for students of psychiatry became the impetus for the creation of the Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry. In 2003, the Menninger Foundation partnered with the Baylor College of Medicine and relocated to Houston, Texas. The Menninger Foundation archives, including Karl Augustus Menninger's collection, is now housed at the Kansas Historical Society.


J. G. Alderson to Lewis Allen Alderson

Letter written by J. G. Alderson to his cousin, Lewis Allen Alderson. Lewis Allen Alderson later moved to Atchison, Kansas, in 1858 and was a prominent Baptist minister. He died in Atchison in 1881.


Anna Freud correspondence

Freud, Anna, 1895-1982

These are handwritten and typed letters, mostly outgoing, from Anna Freud to Karl Menninger, Rudolph Ekstein, May D. Lee, and other Menninger Foundation staff. Anna Freud was the youngest child of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Topics include publishing and requesting reprints, visits (or apologizing for not visiting), professional organizations and conferences, comments and critiques on writings, family deaths, and greeting cards. Anna Freud came to the Menninger Clinic in Topeka on multiple occasions during the 1960s. These papers are part of the historic psychiatry material in the Menninger Archives.


Charles Chadwick to Hiram Hill

Chadwick, Charles

Charles Chadwick wrote from Quindaro, Kansas Territory, to Hiram Hill in Massachusetts, concerning several 40 acre lots which were marked off shortly before Samuel N. Simpson left town. It appeared to Chadwick that those Simpson had purchased were purchased on the behalf of absentee investors, such as Hill, even though they had not been divided or designated in the name of any others. Chadwick presumed that Abelard Guthrie would allow Hill to have the land he thought was being purchased in his name upon payment to the Town Company. Chadwick also reported that prices of land were staying up in Quindaro, and that business development continued.


Secretaries' Tea at Menninger Clinic, Topeka, Kansas

These photographs show a tea with Dr. Will Menninger held in honor of Secretaries' week in 1961. Menninger is a leading psychiatric hospital dedicated to treating individuals with mood, personality, anxiety and addictive disorders, and to teaching mental health professionals and advancing mental healthcare through research. It was located in Topeka, Kansas, from 1925 to 2003 and is now in Houston, Texas. A portrait of Dr. C. F. Menninger, one of the Clinic's founders is in the background.


Vern Miller

A photograph of Vern Miller, Sedgwick County Sheriff, seated at his desk. He served as Sheriff from 1964 to 1970.


Vern Miller

A photograph showing Vern Miller, Sedgwick County Sheriff, seated on a motorcycle. He served as Sheriff from1964 to 1970.


The Karl A. Menninger Medical Library at the Topeka VA hospital in Kansas

These four photographs show the dedication of the Karl A. Menninger Medical Library. The Winter VA hospital (now the Colmery-O'Neil VA hospital) and the Menninger Clinic set up the largest psychiatric training center in the country after World War II.


Charles M. Sheldon to Theodore W. Peers

Sheldon, Charles Monroe, 1857-1946

Charles M. Sheldon wrote to the Chairman of Trustees of the Central Congregational Church, Theodore W. Peers, accepting the position of pastor.

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