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Edmund Jones to Hiram Hill

Jones, Edmund

Edmund Jones oversaw the building of a house in Lawrence, Kansas Territory for Hiram Hill, a resident of Williamsburgh, Massachusetts. He wrote to update Hill on construction progress. Jones was frustrated with the plasterer, Mr. Johnson, who was sick and whose work was poor and rate too high. S. N. Simpson had returned to town. Jones mentioned the health of Mrs. Whitney and Mrs. Herd. Page 2 is primarily a list of expenses for materials and labor and a list of amounts received, including rent income.


Edmund Jones to Hiram Hill

Jones, Edmund

Well before Hiram Hill of Williamsburgh, Massachusetts could have received Edmund Jones' previous letter from Lawrence, Kansas Territory, Jones received a bank draft from Hill. In this letter, Jones thanked him for the draft. He shortly expected two renters, Mrs. Herd and Mrs. Hall, to move into Hill's house in Lawrence. These renters wanted to build a house for their own boarders on the lot behind. A store and an office were going up on either side of Hill's new house. James mentioned controversy over city lots but did not identify the source of this "new movement." He encouraged Hill to visit Lawrence a second time in early fall.


Cyrus Kurtz Holliday to Mary Dillon Holliday

Holliday, Cyrus Kurtz, 1826-1900

Cyrus K. Holliday, the founder of Topeka, Kansas Territory, wrote from Lawrence, Kansas Territory to his wife, Mary Holliday, in Meadville, Pennsylvania. He told her of his planned trip up the Kansas River, his pleasure in the people of Kansas Territory, and a Thanksgiving dinner he attended. Unwilling to return to Pennsylvania, Holliday expressed desire that Mary come to Kansas Territory and described the construction of a friend's sod-covered "mansion," one such as Clarina I. H. Nichols, a lecturer and writer, inhabited.


Ephriam Nute, Jr. to Reverend Edward Everett Hale

Nute, Ephraim

Ephraim Nute, a Unitarian minister writing from Lawrence, Kansas Territory, to Edward Everett Hale, described the natural environment, economic developments, politics, religious affairs, and daily life in the territory. Nute commented on the need for more saw mills, efforts to construct a church, prospects for "free-thinking Christianity," and the possibility of armed conflict in the territory.


Hiram Hill to Edmund Jones

Jones, Edmund

Hiram Hill wrote to Edmund Jones in Lawrence, Kansas Territory, where Jones was completing construction on Hill's new house. Hill was surprised by the amount of Jones' expenses, and he insisted that Jones negotiate payment of Mr. Johnson, the plasterer. Hill planned to visit Lawrence, but was delayed by his oldest brother's illness. Hill relayed the health of Hill family members and others. He had advised Mrs. Hill to go to Kansas to improve her health. The letter ends abruptly, without a signature, and it possibly lacks pages.


Marijana Grisnik

Grisnik, Edward

Marijana Grisnik, 1936-, posed in her dining room with samples of Povitica, a traditional Croatian bread.


Edmund Jones to Hiram Hill

Jones, Edmund

Edmund Jones wrote briefly from Lawrence, Kansas Territory to Hiram Hill in Williamsburgh, Massachusetts. He referred to the security of town lots and a previously sent newspaper. Mr. Fuller, a delinquent renter, was "selling liquor" in Hill's house. Jones suggested that Hill come soon.


John Stillman Brown to William Brown

Brown, John S.

This letter, written from Lawrence, Kansas Territory, is a tender, heartfelt piece of correspondence, speaking of the joys and triumphs of living in a new land. Brown enjoyed his time in Kansas, preaching at a local church and working on his claim. He outlined for his son, who was away at boarding school in New Hampshire, his typical day-to-day activities, which included cooking, gardening, and housekeeping. He also wrote of the currently peaceful state of affairs in Kansas.


F. E. "Gene" Murphy ranch house east of Santa Fe, Kansas

Steele, F. M. (Francis Marion), 1866-1936

Francis Eugene (Gene) Murphy is shown on the porch of his ranch house, located in Haskell County east of Santa Fe, Kansas. Also visible at right are a storm cellar (or "'fraid hole") and a windmill. At one time, Murphy owned 100 quarter-sections of Haskell County land. The house, built by Murphy in 1908, was later the home of Harold Walters.


Edmund Jones to Hiram Hill

Jones, Edmund

Edmund Jones wrote to Hiram Hill, a resident of Williamsburgh, Massachusetts, to report expenses, update Hill of construction progress, and request money. At this time, S. N. Simpson had returned east, and Jones oversaw the building of Hill's house in Lawrence, Kansas Territory. Jones was in debt, unable to pay workers or buy supplies. Mr. Fuller, who seems to have rented another house owned by Hill (implied in S. N. Simpson's letter to Hill written September 4, 1855), refused to pay rent until the roof was repaired. Jones closed with concern for the security of lots in Lawrence.

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