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Wallace business directory, Wallace, Kansas

This photograph shows a framed display board labeled, "Wallace, the Metropolis of Western Kansas. Directory of the thoroughly reliable business houses." There are 17 businesses advertised on the display, and many of the advertisement also contain photographs of the business buildings. Businesses listed include: Robert M. Auchard, Land, Loan and Insurance Agent; Peter Robidoux, Pioneer Merchant of Wallace; Felix T. Gandy, Real Estate Broker; Forker and McQuiston, Fresh and Salt Meats; Charles H. Musser, Sheet Metalware, Pumps, Stoves, Tinware, Iron pipe and fitting; Wallace County Register; Merchants Bank of Wallace; W. A. Oetzer, Druggist and Pharmacist; C. M. Henkel, Watchmaker and Jeweler; J. R. Hanger, Popular Barber Shop; B. I. Look and Company, Dry Goods and Clothing; A. J. Phillips, Fresh and Salt Meats; J. W. Dilworth, Grocery Headquarters; Law and Land Office; Dr. J. Haggart, Physician and Surgeon; Caufman and Coburn, Livery, Feed, and Sale Stables; and The Albany House.


Fitch Drug Store and Pickard's General Store, Washington, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of Fitch Drug Store and Pickard's General Store located on the north-northwest corner of the square in Washington, Kansas. Signs on Pickard's store read, "Regulator," and "Pickard's Store is now in full blast. Clothing, dry goods, hats, and shoes." A few people are visible in front of the stores, and an American flag is visible flying above Pickard's store. A filling station and the Healy Garage were later built on the site.


S. H. Snyder Pharmacy, Neodesha, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of the S. H. Snyder Pharmacy in Neodesha, Kansas. The store's sign below the balcony reads, "S. H. Snyder. Drugs, medicines, wall paper, paints, oils, and window glass." The sign at the top of the building's fašade reads, "I. O. O. F. Hall." A crowd of people is visible standing outside the building, with several people holding umbrellas. There are several women visible on the balcony of the building, and the railing of the balcony is decorated with bunting and several unidentified flags.


R. B. Hogue Drug Store and Hardware store, New Albany, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of the R. B. Hogue Drug Store and a Hardware store in New Albany, Kansas. The drug store shows the traditional mortar and pestle pharmacy symbol painted on the side of the building. Six men and a boy are visible standing in front of the buildings.

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