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Vern Miller

Rorabaugh & Millsap Studio

This black and white photograph shows Kansas Attorney General Vern Miller. A native of Wichita, Kansas, and a veteran of World War II, he began his career as sheriff of Sedgwick County, Kansas, (1964-1969). As sheriff, he enforced the law in a aggressive hands-on manner by putting himself in the same dangers that patrol officers faced. This style of law enforcement, quickly earned him the nickname "Supercop" and "Supersheriff". Miller's ambitions to effectively enforce Kansas laws, would elect him in 1970 as the first Democratic attorney general in over eighty years. During his tenure as attorney general, Miller's "supercop" mentality continued as he enforced the drug, alcohol, and gambling laws in the state. Miller's relentless efforts to up hold the law reelected him in 1972 when he carried all 105 counties. Before the close of his second term, Miller 's political career took a new direction with his candidacy for Kansas Governor. During the 1974 election, he campaign on the emphasis of law enforcement rather than the details of state government. In the end, Miller could not make the transition to governor, and lost to Republican candidate Robert Bennett. With the loss, Miller closed out his career as attorney general and returned to Wichita, Kansas, to practice law.


Vern Miller

A photograph showing Vern Miller, Kansas Attorney General. A native of Wichita, Kansas, he was hired as a Sedgwick County Deputy Sheriff and served from 1949-1954. In 1958, Miller was elected Sedgwick County Marshal and served two terms. He was elected Sedgwick County Sheriff in 1964 and re-elected twice. At the beginning of his second term, he graduated from Oklahoma City University Law School. In 1970, Miller was elected Kansas State Attorney General and served two terms. After an unsuccessful bid for governor, he started a private practice in Wichita, Kansas. From 1976-1980, he served as Sedgwick County Prosecuting Attorney.


Vern Miller getting on a motorcycle in Wichita, Kansas

This is a photograph showing Vern Miller getting on a motorcycle in Wichita, Kansas. Miller served as Attorney General for Kansas from January 1971 to January 1975.

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