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Boeing Airplane Company, Wichita, Kansas

Boeing Airplane Company

This is a view of men and women employees working on B-29 Superfortress airplanes at the Boeing Airplane Company plant in Wichita, Kansas.


United States Army nurses during World War II

A photo of United States Army nurses at an evacuation hospital between Capua and Venafro, Italy. The photograph was taken during World War II. The nurse on the far right is Lt. Ruth Lee from White City, Kansas.


Hercules drivers, De Soto, Kansas

A view of three women drivers employed by Hercules Powder Company from the Sunflower Ordinance Works plant in De Soto, Kansas. The plant, established in 1941, was the world's largest smokeless powder and propellant manufacturing plant. It was owned by the U.S. government but operated by the Hercules Powder Company. The company changed it's name to the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant on August 1, 1963.


Beatrice Coats interview, WWII oral history, Kinsley, Kansas

Coats, Beatrice Josephine (Basgall)

This is an interview with Beatrice Coats, part of an oral history project entitled "Patchwork of Dependency: The Effects of WWII on Edwards County, Kansas" conducted by the Kinsley Public Library. The project was supported by a Kansas Humanities Council Heritage Grant. Beatrice talks of her family, education, and the home front during WWII.


Sally Frame interview, Kinsley, Kansas

Frame, Sally Josena (Wilson)

This transcript of an interview with Sally Frame is part of an oral history project entitled "Patterns of Change, Edwards County, Kansas 1950-1970" conducted by the Kinsley Public Library. The project was supported by a Kansas Humanities Council Heritage Grant. Frame talks of her family, education, and her memories of the Edwards County community.


Betty McCann-Thomas reminiscences

McCann-Thomas, Betty

This is a reminiscence recorded by Betty McCann-Thomas describing her work at North American Aviation during World War II. After leaving Kansas State University, she attended training school and was hired by North American located in the Fairfax District of Kansas City, Kansas. McCann-Thomas was involved in making B-25 airplanes. Women working in the defense factories were often called Rosie the Riveter. She describes in detail the tools she used and the work she performed on the airplane skins and tank doors. The collection contains two photographs of Betty McCann-Thomas.

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