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Glenn Luther Martin

Martin Information Services, Baltimore Maryland

These two photographs show aviation pioneer Glenn Luther Martin (1886-1955). The first photograph shows Martin with actress Mary Pickford on location for the movie "A Girl of Yesterday". The second image shows Martin at the controls of an airplane. His interest in aviation began at an early age when he assembled and sold box kites for 25 cents to family and friends. In 1917, Martin's vision for air travel prompted him to form the Glen L. Martin Company. This corporation became one of the leading defense contractors between World War I and the Cold War. He managed the company for nearly forty years until his death on December 5, 1955, at the age of seventy-nine. In 1961, after his death, the company merged with the American-Marietta Corporation to become Martin-Marietta. In 1995, the company merged with the Lockheed Corporation. The newly formed Lockheed Martin Corporation became one of the largest defense contractors in the United States. He lived in Salina, Kansas, for a portion of his childhood.


Glenn L. Martin and his 1912 model biplane

This is a photograph of Glenn L. Martin and his 1912 model biplane, which he used for barnstorming tours. For many years, Glenn lived in Salina, Kansas, and later attended Kansas Wesleyan University. The football stadium at Kansas Wesleyan is the Martin Stadium. He was involved in the aviation industry. He founded his own aircraft company in 1912 which, through several mergers, was amalgamated into the Lockheed Martin company.


Salina Plumbing Company delivery wagon, Salina, Kansas

These three photographs show the delivery wagons of the Salina Plumbing Company in Salina, Kansas. The first image shows Anna Geis, the bookkeeper, standing next to the wagon. The second view shows Ed Sharp leaning on the wagon. The last photograph shows just the horse and wagon.

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