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Art Connely Barber Shop

This is an interior view of the Art Connely Barber Shop in Highland, Kansas.


L. W. Halbe Collection

Halbe, L. W. (Leslie Winfield), 1893-1981

The L. W. (Leslie Winfield) Halbe photo collection consists of 1500 glass plate negatives produced by Halbe during his teenage years. Halbe lived in Dorrance, Russell County, Kansas, and began taking photographs of the region with an inexpensive Sears and Roebuck camera when he was fifteen years old.


Raymond's Drug Store, Lawrence, Kansas

These two photographs show interior views of employees at the soda fountain in Raymond's Drug Store in Lawrence, Kansas. In the first photograph the man is holding a partially empty soda glass, then, in the second picture, he is holding another full glass and playfully fighting off the two women who are holding drinking straws and trying to drink his soda. In the background are various drug store items on the shelves, a sign advertising the fruit flavors for sodas, and a sign over the mirror advertising Coca-Cola for 5 cents.


Republic Pharmacy, Belleville, Kansas

This colored post card photograph shows an interior view of the Republic Pharmacy in Belleville, Kansas. The proprietor is W. D. Haning, M. D. Three men are visible in the store. There are long display cases and shelves full of items for sale along both sides of the store, with a soda fountain visible in the right foreground of the picture.


Brunt Drug Company, Topeka, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of the Brunt Drug Company in Topeka, Kansas. A smaller sign on the store advertises "Soda, drugs, and sundries." A few people are visible on the sidewalks outside the store.


Wallace business directory, Wallace, Kansas

This photograph shows a framed display board labeled, "Wallace, the Metropolis of Western Kansas. Directory of the thoroughly reliable business houses." There are 17 businesses advertised on the display, and many of the advertisement also contain photographs of the business buildings. Businesses listed include: Robert M. Auchard, Land, Loan and Insurance Agent; Peter Robidoux, Pioneer Merchant of Wallace; Felix T. Gandy, Real Estate Broker; Forker and McQuiston, Fresh and Salt Meats; Charles H. Musser, Sheet Metalware, Pumps, Stoves, Tinware, Iron pipe and fitting; Wallace County Register; Merchants Bank of Wallace; W. A. Oetzer, Druggist and Pharmacist; C. M. Henkel, Watchmaker and Jeweler; J. R. Hanger, Popular Barber Shop; B. I. Look and Company, Dry Goods and Clothing; A. J. Phillips, Fresh and Salt Meats; J. W. Dilworth, Grocery Headquarters; Law and Land Office; Dr. J. Haggart, Physician and Surgeon; Caufman and Coburn, Livery, Feed, and Sale Stables; and The Albany House.


North Star Drug Store, Salina, Kansas

These photographs show exterior and interior views of the North Star Drug Store in Salina, Kansas. The first photograph shows an exterior view of the store with four men standing in front of the doorway. They are identified as Emil Lagbach, Bill Cacher (son of Dr. Cacher), A. Lagbach (assistant), and Mister Nelson (druggist). The sign above the doorway includes the traditional mortar and pestle pharmacy symbol, and also has the words "Svensk Apotek," identifying the store as a "Swedish pharmacy." Signs in the window advertise "Wa-Hoo Blood and Nerve Tonic." The second photograph shows an interior view of the store with employees and customers visible in the picture. A display case with boxes of cigars is visible on the left. A table with newspapers and magazines on it is visible in the middle, with other tables and chairs behind it. A soda fountain service counter is visible on the right. Signs above the shelves advertise cigars, perfumes, photo supplies, rubber goods, prescriptions, stationery, and candy.


Miller Drug Store, Topeka, Kansas

These four photographs show interior views of the Miller Drug Store in Topeka, Kansas. The first photograph is identified as being in a wooden building at 6th and Topeka streets which was the first store while their brick store was being built. A man is visible standing behind a soda fountain counter. Various display cases and shelves filled with items are visible in the background. The second photograph shows a different interior view with display cases along the left side and a long soda fountain counter along the right side. A man is standing by the cases on the left, another man is behind the counter on the right, and a man who appears to be a customer is seated at a table in the middle. Bottles filled with chemicals and pharmacy supplies are visible on the shelves on the right, and signs in the background advertise cigars. The third photograph shows an interior view similar to the right side of the second photograph. More of the soda fountain and the shelves, mirror, and decorative woodwork behind it are visible. Two men are standing behind the counter. Pharmacy bottles on the shelves in the background are also visible. The fourth photograph shows an interior view similar to the left side of the second photograph. Display cases and shelves behind them are visible along the wall of the store. Some of the display cases appear to contain perfumes, hand mirrors, and other toiletry items.


Hainer Drug Store, Emporia, Kansas

This photograph shows an interior view of the Hainer Drug Store located at 603 Commercial Street in Emporia, Kansas. The store started operating in 1884, and the owner was Daniel W. Hainer. A soda fountain counter and stools are visible on the left side of the picture. A man identified as Cliff E. Frost is visible standing behind the counter. Shelves and display cases filled with various items are visible on both sides of the store. Tables and chairs are visible near the center rear of the store close to the heating stove. A hanging sign advertises "Nunnally's Delicious Candies," and a sign on the back wall advertises Coca-Cola.


Advertisements for W. W. Gavitt Medical Company, Topeka, Kansas

These images show advertisements for the W. W. Gavitt Medical Company located at 5th and Madison Streets in Topeka, Kansas. The first image is an advertisement for Gavitt's System Regulator, advertised to cure "all blood, stomach, kidney, and liver troubles." The second image is a group of advertisements for three different businesses owned by W. W. Gavitt: a business of investment bankers and brokers, a medical company, and a mercantile company. The W. W. Gavitt Medical Company manufactured "standard and proprietary remedies."

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