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Black Friday meets its master

Garden City Daily Telegram

Several articles about life in the Dust Bowl can be found on the front page of this newspaper from Garden City. Articles of particular interest include two articles on "raging dusters," one on the winter wheat crop, and a brief article discussing the postponement of community meetings to distribute aid under the soil erosion program. The newspaper also includes articles about other newsworthy events occurring in Garden City and around the state of Kansas.


Windmill display at the fair, Finney County, Kansas

Wolf, Henry L. 1850-1924

The photographs show windmills displayed at the Finney County Fair in Finney County, Kansas.


Irrigation pumping plant in Finney County, Kansas

The photographs show two different pumping plant scenes in Finney County, Kansas.


Interview with Mrs. Gus (Olive) Kramer

Kramer, Olive

This oral history interview with Olive Kramer of Hugoton, Stevens County, describes her experiences during the dust bowl of the 1930s. She devotes much of her interview to reminiscing about how these dust storms interrupted the daily routines of those living in western Kansas. She also mentions government programs -- such as the cattle purchase program -- that provided relief for citizens suffering from unemployment. During a particularly bad spell, her husband (who also gave an interview) sent her and their children east to Kansas City (it is not clear for how long). Kramer talks also about the emergency hospital set up in the basement of the Methodist Church to care for the residents dealing with dust pneumonia. Copied from Dust Storms as Remembered by Hugoton Citizens.


T.J. Dyke's irrigation plant in Garden City, Kansas

Wolf, Henry L. 1850-1924

The photograph shows T.J. Dyke's irrigation plant in Garden City, Finney County, Kansas. On the right side of the photograph there is a man fishing, a windmill, and a woman and a child standing together. Near the center a man is standing beside a dog. On the left, there is a man using a shovel and another windmill. In the background, there are some buildings, fields, and animals.


Family with their sod house, Decatur County, Kansas

This is a photograph of an unidentified family standing in front of their sod house near Norcatur, Decatur County, Kansas. Visible in the photograph is a windmill.


Grangers versus hoppers

Henry Worrall, 1825-1902

This is a copy of a cartoon by Kansas artist Henry Worrall showing Kansas farmers (Grangers) battling grasshoppers. The National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry was originally founded with the idea of educating and connecting farmers within America. The first Grange was set up in Fredonia, New York. From there granges spread across the U.S., providing classes and social events to farmers. The first Kansas Grange was organized in 1872 at Hiawatha. Within a few years, more than 1,000 Granges claiming more than 30,000 members had been established across the state. Read more about the Grange in Kansapedia.


Life Sketch of Mrs. Pauline (Floeder) Wickham

Wickham, Pauline Floeder

Pauline Wickham wrote this reminiscence about her family's immigration to Nebraska and later Kansas from Germany. She writes that she was born in Frankfort, Nebraska. The Floeders moved from Nebraska to Leavenworth and later Wichita. Pauline describes the trip from Leavenworth to Wichita in approximately 1870. She includes a graphic description of the damage done by grasshoppers in 1873. The reminiscence describes some interaction with cowboys since they lived near the routes of the cattle trails. This story was written as part of the efforts of Lilla Day Monroe to collect reminiscences concerning the women's perspective in settling Kansas. Mrs. H. H. Motter, Wichita, contributed the story to the project though it was written by Mrs. Wickham.


E. J. Pyle's reservoir, Garden City, Finney County, Kansas

Wolf, Henry L. 1850-1924

This photograph shows E. J. Pyle's reservoir in Garden City, Finney County, Kansas. An Aermotor windmill, several people and some cattle are visible.


Doty's reservoir, Finney County, Kansas

Wolf, Henry L. 1850-1924

This photograph shows two children playing in Doty's reservoir in Finney County, Kansas.

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