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Members of Moravian Lodge number 128, Rossville, Kansas

The Rossville Moravian Lodge was organized in 1903 with the first meeting held on February 7, 1903, in the 101 Victory School House. Meetings were held there until 1909 when the members were able to finance their own building. Since then it has been remodeled and enlarged. This picture of the Moravian Lodge No. 128 members was taken at Lodge Hall northeast of Rossville, Kansas. Pictured left to right are: front row: Frank Matyak, Alice Cerny, Carrie Cerny, Mrs. Anton Macha (Frances), Mrs. Thomas Cerny (Katherine), Mrs. John Kovar (Anna), Mrs. Frank Stach Sr. (Frances), Mrs. Paul Kovar (Frances), Frank Hromada Sr., John Kratina Jr., Thomas Cerny, John Kratina Sr., Frank Dolezilek, Anton Macha, Mrs. Joseph Cerny (Henrietta), Mrs. Martin Stach (Anna), Mrs. Vince Probislo (Marie), Mrs. Thomas Smatla (Marie), and Mrs. Matt Rezac (Mary); second row: Frank Kratina, August Stach, Henry Cerny, Emial Kovar, Mrs. James Koci (Frances), Mrs. Frank Matyak (Frances), Tony Dolezilek, Lydia Dolezilek, Anna Dolezilek, Sophia Hromada, Mrs. Fred Koci (Pauline), Blanch Martinek (child), Mrs. Albert Martinek (Frances), Mrs. Joseph Badura (Marie), Mrs. Frank Hromada (Tressie), Mrs. James Rezac (Victoria), Joseph Badura, and James Koci with child; third row: Albert Martinek, Henry Badura, George Olejnik Jr., Frank Stach Sr., Henry Galicheck, Matt Rezac, John Kovar, Vince Probislo, Steven Martinek, Joseph Krasney, Paul Kovar, Thomas Smatla, Joseph Cerny, Ignac Horak, George Olejnik Sr., James Rezac, Anton Zemek, John Bravence with child, and Frank Cerny. Not pictured are Mr. and Mrs. Vince Martinek. This photograph is provided through a pilot project to host unique cultural heritage materials from local libraries on Kansas Memory and was accomplished by mutual agreement between the Northeast Kansas Library System, the Rossville Community Library, and the Kansas Historical Society.


Greeley County 4-H Band, Kansas

This is a view of the members of the Greeley County 4-H Band, winners of the 1935 Roundup Champions band competition in Manhattan, Kansas.


Knights and Ladies of Security Band, Topeka, Kansas

An informal portrait of the Knights and Ladies of Security Band of Topeka, Kansas.


Newton Rotary Club Boys Band, Newton, Kansas

A view of the members of the Newton Rotary Club Boys Band of Newton, Kansas.


Governor Harry Hines Woodring to F.J. Aufdemberge

Woodring, Harry Hines, 1887-1967

Governor Harry Woodring of Topeka, Kansas, replies to a letter from the mayor of Lincoln (Lincoln County), F. J. Aufdemberge. The mayor's letter posses a solution to the high number of unemployed men in the state. He suggests that women whose husbands are employed should be required to resign and let unemployed men have their jobs, especially in the case of women teachers employed in high schools. The Governor generally agrees but declines the involvement of state government, favoring instead control by each institution or community. The Governor concurs that the American Legion may be able to sway public opinion in favor of such resignations. Kansas experienced a dramatic increase in unemployment between 1930-1933. Local work programs failed to address the problem. In July 1932, Governor Woodring applied for federal aid and created the Kansas Emergency Relief Committee to administer the federal programs. See F. J. Aufdemberge to Governor Harry Woodring, March 10 1932.


Friendship Fan quilt

W.I.O.N. Club

This is a Friendship Fan quilt pieced of cotton fabrics, many of them feed sacking. Quilt is made up of 30 square blocks, each featuring a fan with eight arms radiating from a gold quarter-circle. One arm on each fan block has an embroidered name, except for two blocks reading "W.I.O.N." and "1936." Hand quilted in grid and scallop designs, with gold cotton binding and muslin backing. The quilt belonged to Hazel Hughes (1894-1994), and was made in rural Gove County, Kansas, by members of her W.I.O.N. club (Women in Our Neighborhood). This social and needlework club met frequently throughout the 1930s. The quilt may have been made to commemorate Hughes' tenure as president in 1936.


Black Friday meets its master

Garden City Daily Telegram

Several articles about life in the Dust Bowl can be found on the front page of this newspaper from Garden City. Articles of particular interest include two articles on "raging dusters," one on the winter wheat crop, and a brief article discussing the postponement of community meetings to distribute aid under the soil erosion program. The newspaper also includes articles about other newsworthy events occurring in Garden City and around the state of Kansas.


Boy Scouts, Marysville, Kansas

Hawkins, Omar F. (Omar Finlay), 1890-1967

This is a view of the members of Boy Scouts Troop 2, from Marysville, Kansas, posed by a Union Pacific train at Marysville's Union Pacific depot. Also visible are a small crowd of spectators (perhaps the troop members' families), a portion of the depot building, utility poles and power lines, and an unidentified building in the background.


S. H. Snyder Pharmacy, Neodesha, Kansas

This photograph shows an exterior view of the S. H. Snyder Pharmacy in Neodesha, Kansas. The store's sign below the balcony reads, "S. H. Snyder. Drugs, medicines, wall paper, paints, oils, and window glass." The sign at the top of the building's fašade reads, "I. O. O. F. Hall." A crowd of people is visible standing outside the building, with several people holding umbrellas. There are several women visible on the balcony of the building, and the railing of the balcony is decorated with bunting and several unidentified flags.


Harry W. Colmery


This is a campaign poster for Harry W. Colmery, who ran for National Commander of the American Legion. He was elected to that office and served 1936-1937. Throughout his life, Colmery was active in the American Legion serving as commander of his local post, Judge Advocate of Kansas Department, and Department Commander of Kansas.

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