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Girl scouts in Topeka, Kansas

Schrock, John Edward

Two photographs showing Girl Scouts, Troop No. 102, at Randolph Elementary School. The troop leaders are Mrs. M. R. Howard and Mrs. Charles Martin.


Kansas Official Council, Topeka, Kansas

Paul Harrison

This is a panoramic photo of the members of the Kansas Official Council, Topeka, Kansas, grouped on the steps of the Capitol. This is a gathering of various county officials and the 1924 meeting was, apparently, the largest group to that time. A newspaper article indicated that 750 people attended. There is a banner that says "Kansas Grows the Best Wheat in the World." A boys band, including some African-American boys, is kneeling at the front of the group.


Black Friday meets its master

Garden City Daily Telegram

Several articles about life in the Dust Bowl can be found on the front page of this newspaper from Garden City. Articles of particular interest include two articles on "raging dusters," one on the winter wheat crop, and a brief article discussing the postponement of community meetings to distribute aid under the soil erosion program. The newspaper also includes articles about other newsworthy events occurring in Garden City and around the state of Kansas.


Girl Scouts, Cimarron, Kansas

Hungate, Frank

This is a photograph of a Girl Scout ceremony in Cimarron, Kansas. The girls are identified as (left to right): Mernie Scott, Judy (Scauf) Oyler, Shari Feeley, Darene Hamlin, Joan (Rankin) Friend, _______, Karen O'Grady, ________, Karen (David?), Judy (Hunt) Salem, Kylene Lacy, ________, Malee Clark, sponsor.


Kansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union printed materials

These miscellaneous printed materials are from the Kansas Woman's Christian Temperance Union collection. The Kansas publications include annual programs for local unions, annual convention programs, conference programs for the Young People's Branch, and several issues of The Messenger, the official publication of the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union. These materials include information about Kansas WCTU programs for youth. A number of items were printed by the National Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Also included are work plans for the various departments, such as the Department of Social Morality, the Medal Contest Department, the Department of Medical Temperance, and the Department of Soldiers and Sailors, among many others. Other nationally circulated publications include The Menace to Civilization by Dr. J. W. Shults, Home Town Lights by Graccio Leggo Houlder, Temperance: Where Wine Flows by Elizabeth M. Lee, Organized Drys Must Persist by Ernest H. Cherrington, and A Trinity of Evil by Isabelle Horton. A nondescript booklet, distributed by the Anti-Saloon League of Kansas, encourages people who witness the creation, sale, or possession of liquor to discreetly record the names of suspects, description of events, and the names of witnesses and mail the booklet back. Publications from prohibition organizations other than the WCTU are also included. There are several other groups of official Kansas WCTU records on Kansas Memory. They can be found by selecting Collections - Manuscript - KWCTU/Mary Evelyn Dobbs.


Newton Rotary Club Boys Band, Newton, Kansas

A view of the members of the Newton Rotary Club Boys Band of Newton, Kansas.


Maurita Davis interview

Davis, Maurita

Maurita (Burnett) Davis was born October 8, 1923, in Topeka, Kansas, to her mother Lena Jones Burnett and her father McKinley Burnett. She attended the segregated Monroe school for eight years before she entered the integrated Crane Junior High. Her interview focuses on her experiences with racial discrimination, her time at Monroe, and her father's work in the NAACP. In 1948 her father became president of the Topeka NAACP, and he would later organize members of the NAACP to challenge the segregation of public schools at the primary level (secondary schools were already integrated). These dedicated citizens would become plaintiffs in the landmark civil rights case Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka. The interview was conducted by Jean VanDelinder.


What the women want

Kansas Good Citizenship League

This leaflet outlines the voting measures discussed at the April 1914 meeting of the Kansas Good Citizenship League. Women in Kansas won the right to vote in 1912, and with their new voting privileges they hoped to change Kansas society for the better. Among other things, Kansas women were interested in ensuring that all children received equal educational opportunities and in creating a division of child hygiene in the department of the State Board of Health. Most of their concerns revolved around improving the rights of women and children.


Greeley County 4-H Band, Kansas

This is a view of the members of the Greeley County 4-H Band, winners of the 1935 Roundup Champions band competition in Manhattan, Kansas.


Discrimination persists, Smith says

Knudsen, Gwyn

This article in the Topeka Capital-Journal focuses on Linda Brown Smith who, along with her father Oliver Brown, were plaintiffs in the landmark civil rights case Brown v. Board of Education. Linda Smith had recently testified in a federal court about her experiences attended segregated schools in Topeka, including the Monroe school. Smith was called to the stand as a witness in a re-hearing of the Brown v. Board case to determine whether or not there were still some elements of institutional racial segregation in the Topeka school system. Smith, a plaintiff in the re-opened case, believed that racial discrimination still existed in the schools.

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