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Rosenberry Activities Therapy Building, Menninger East Campus, Topeka, Kansas

The six black and white photographs of rooms show various interior views of the rooms and arts and crafts activities in the newly constructed Rosenberry Activities Therapy Building. The Menninger Clinic philosophy of treatment was the bio-psycho-social approach. This philosophy of treatment integrated medical, psychodynamic, developmental, and family systems to treat the total health of patients. The people shown in the rooms are Menninger staff members. The photographs were taken by The Week Ahead, a weekly patient newspaper.


John Wilbur Ripley

Kansas State Historical Society. Library and Archives Division

A photograph showing John Wilbur Ripley, a successful Topeka businessman and author, putting a lantern slide into a projector. His interests included photography, writing and early 20th century music, but his favorite pastime was collecting lantern slides, which are a colorful remnants from the end of the 19th century. A unique type of entertainment, also called illustrated song slides, were shown daily in the nation's 10,000 five-cent theatres or nickelodeons. It was a vocal act aided by a collection of hand-colored glass lantern slides, custom designed to illustrate the song's story line. Normally the slides were shown between films while the projectionist was changing the reels. Of the comparatively few accumulations of song slides that escaped destruction, the largest collection once belonged to John Ripley. Combining his interest in lantern slides and a flare for writing, John published several articles in American Heritage, Smithsonian, and a number of local publications.


Dr. William Menninger and Dr. Francis Braceland

This photograph shows William C. Menninger, M.D. (right)and Francis Braceland, of the Institute of Living, at the 119th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in St. Louis, Missouri.


Ottawa Steel Products' secretaries

Three unidentified secretaries of Ottawa Steel Products, Ottawa, Kansas. The photograph was taken in the office in 1963.


Plant scenes from Ottawa Steel Products

Various interior and exterior scenes at Ottawa Steel Products, Ottawa, Kansas. The workers are not identified.


Ottawa Steel Products

These are five interior scenes at Ottawa Steel Products, Ottawa, Kansas. The workmen in the photographs are not identified.


Ottawa Steel Products plant in Franklin County Kansas

Five views inside the plant of Ottawa Steel Products. None of the workmen are identified.


Interior and exterior scenes at Ottawa Steel Products, Ottawa, Kansas

Interior scenes of draftsmen/engineers at Ottawa Steel Products. Exterior scenes of man in bucket lift at Ottawa Steel. All persons are unidentified.


Keith George Sebelius

This is a photo of Keith George Sebelius of Norton, Kansas. Sebelius served as Republican State Senator, 1962-1968, and in the U. S. House of Representatives, 3rd District, 1969-1981.


Tattooing a calf's ear

Kansas Farmer Magazine

View of a rancher tattooing the ear of a calf that is restrained in a cattle chute.

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