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Elect Robert Docking for Governor

A 1966 campaign brochure that promotes Robert Docking as the Democratic candidate for governor who has an eye on the future of Kansas. Docking and the entire Democratic team of candidates have pledged to serve the voters for a vigourous two-party government in Kansas!


Testimony of A. A. Harris, in report and testimony of the select committee to investigate the causes of the removal of the Negroes from the southern states to the northern states, in three parts

United States. Congress. Senate. Select Committee on Negro Exodus

A. A. Harris, a white resident of Ft. Scott, Kansas, gave this brief testimony on March 29, 1880, before the Senate select committee investigating the causes of the Exodus. Harris described his contact with the black Exodusters in his area, including their difficulty finding employment. The committee also asked Harris to speak in some detail about the general treatment of African-Americans in Kansas, including any discrimination against them, particularly in the world of politics. This committee was composed of three Democratic senators and two Republican senators: Daniel W. Voorhees (Dem., Indiana), Zebulon B. Vance (Dem., North Carolina), George H. Pendleton (Dem., Ohio), William Windom (Rep., Minnesota), and Henry W. Blair (Rep., New Hampshire). Senators Blair and Vance asked the questions presented in this testimony.


Robert John Walker, Proclamation : To the people of Kansas

Walker, Robert J. (Robert John), 1801-1869

Regards the examination of election returns, particularly Oxford Precinct, Johnson County.


Remember in November re-elect Robert Docking governor

A 1968 campaign brochure that promotes the re-election of Robert Docking for governor. As governor of Kansas, he has proven that Kansas needs tax reform not a tax increase! During his administration, he increased state aid to education, proved long-range financial planning, built a new law enforement training center and added more highway patrolmen, all withouth the need for highter taxes. When voters re-elect Governor Docking and a Democratic Legislator, Kansas voters will have a pledge of teamwork that will reorganize and streamline state government.


Docking: the man who knows Kansas

A 1972 campaign brochure with Dockings's name printed on the cover in the design of a color wheel with a center that has the printed slogan "The man" in blue lettering. Inside the brochure, the political slogan is finshed with "who knows Kansas?" In this last and final re-election for governor, Docking reminds voters of the accomplishment he has achieved through the practice of fiscal responsibility and fairness for all Kansans.


Elect Vern Miller, Democrat sheriff

A political advertisement for Vern Miller, who was the Democratic candidate for Sedgwick County Sheriff, Wichita, Kansas.



This political poster shows Governor John Carlin's first gubernatorial race against Governor Robert Bennett. The poster depicts a Kansas taxpayer who needs "Help" from soaring state expenditures. The solution offered by Democratic candidate John Carlin is to put a lid on taxes and spending. Carlin goes on to illustrate his political ideas through strategic images and brief political statements. The strategy paid off when Carlin was elected the fortieth governor of Kansas.


Re-elect Governor Bennett

This political campaign brochure promotes the re-election of Governor Robert Bennett and candidate for Lieutenant Governor Larry Montgomery. Governor Bennett reminds voters through his political slogan, "doing what Kansans want done", that he has held the line on taxes, strengthened the state's economy, advocated on the behalf of farmers, and worked to ensure the safety for all citizens of the state. Democratic challenger John Carlin defeated Bennett in the November general election.


Avery, governor, Republican

A 1966 campaign brochure that promotes the re-election of Republican Governor William Avery. Avery stands behind the slogan "he did what had to be done... and he did it well". He reassures voters that during his administration he acted in a sane sensible manner when it came to fiscal policies and programs in contrast to the reckless behavior of the Federal Government during President Lyndon B. Johnson's administration. Democratic candidate Robert Docking defeated Avery in the November general election.


Mike Hayden and family

A 1990 political postcard of Kansas Governor Mike Hayden with wife Patti and daughters from left to right: Anne and Chelsi. Hayden began his political career in 1972 when he was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives. During his tenure in the legislature, he served as chairman of the house ways and means committee, 1979-1982, before being elected Speaker of the House in 1982. For five years he served as speaker until elected, in 1986, as the forty-first Governor of Kansas. Hayden served one term as governor before losing, in 1990, to Democratic State Treasurer Joan Finney. In 2000 Governor Kathleen Sebelius appointed Hayden Secretary of Kansas Wildlife and Parks.

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