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Robert Francis Kennedy at Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Lykins, Dan

A photograph showing Robert Francis Kennedy speaking at a Landon Lecture Series, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas.


Dan Lykins and Roger Fincher

Lykins, Judy

Three photographs of Dan Lykins and Roger Fincher, Topeka attorneys, at the American Trial Lawyers Conference in Chicago, Illinois. They are posed with three political figures/Presidential candidates John Edwards, Howard Dean and Bill Richardson.


Dan Lykins campaign sign in Atchison, Kansas

Lykins, Mary McNerny

A photograph showing a campaign sign for Dan Lykins in Robert and Mary Lykins' yard at 909 Santa Fe in Atchison, Kansas. He was the Democratic candidate for U. S. Congress, Second District, in 2002. In the background, is the Community of Christ Church located at 9th and Santa Fe.


John R. Brinkley Political Rally in Wichita, Kansas

This is a photograph of a Dr. John R. Brinkley political rally in Wichita, Kansas. Brinkley entered the 1930 governor's race as an independent write-in candidate. The ballots were already prepared when he decided to run so anyone voting for J. R. Brinkley had to write his name correctly. His platform advocated better highways, free textbooks, a lake in every county, tax equalization, cheap automobile license plates and community health clinics. Brinkley's slogan was "Clean out, Clean up, and Keep Kansas Clean." Harry Woodring won the election by a narrow margin over Frank Hauke with Brinkley a close third. There is speculation over the 1930 vote count because there were some irregularities.


John R. Brinkley campaigning for governor

A photograph showing Dr. John R. Brinkley campaigning for Kansas governor in either 1930 or 1932. In the 1930 election, he ran against Frank Hauke and Harry Woodring and in 1932, his opponents were Harry Woodring and Alfred Landon. He was defeated in both elections.


William Howard Taft campaigning for President, Newton, Kansas

This sepia colored photograph shows William Howard Taft, the Republican candidate for the U.S. Presidency, speaking to the crowd at the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway Company depot in Newton, Kansas. Standing to the left of Taft is the U.S. Senator from Kansas Charles Curtis. Taft won the November election by defeating the Democratic candidate William Jennings Bryan to become the twenty-seventh President of the United States.


"Wanted: Jobs Not Relief"

A political poster by the Republican National Committee urging voters to vote for Alf Landon with the slogans "Wanted: Jobs-not relief, Vote for Landon and Land a Job, Regular Jobs at Regular Pay".


Alfred Mossman Landon, Kansas Governor

Hodge, L. Cady

This portrait of Alfred Mossman Landon (1887-1987), represents him during his unsuccessful campaign as the Republican nominee for the 1936 Presidential campaign against President Franklin Roosevelt.


Samuel Clarke Pomeroy

A portrait of Samuel Clarke Pomeroy, businessman and politician. In 1859, he attended the Convention at Osawatomie and the Republican Convention at Lawrence. Pomeroy was elected president of the Kansas Relief Committee in November, 1860. After statehood, he served as United States Senator from April 4, 1861 to March 3, 1873.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Colby, Kansas


This black and white photograph shows Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Presidency, during a whistle stop campaign in Colby, Kansas. Roosevelt went on to win the election by defeating President Herbert Clark Hoover to become the thirty-second President of the United States.

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