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[Documentary Artifact]

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Accession Number: 1980.302.2

Physical Description: Portrait of a young black woman, from the waist up, with her hands crossed at her waist, in a dress with full, gathered sleeves and dropped shoulders. A wedding band and a button her collar have been tinted gold. In a metal mat with scalloped inner edge, and a six-petaled flower in each corner flanked by scrolled foliate designs. Woman is wearing a light-toned checked cotton dress with a small white linen collar secured with a brooch. Her dark hair is parted in the middle and held back from her face with an indistinct ribbon or comb.

History of Object: Unknown subject. The woman's dress and hair styles are typical of the early 1860s. Possibly an ex-slave aided by the Platt family in either Illinois or Kansas.

Date: Between 1860 and 1865

Dimensions (in cm): H: 2 1/2"; W: 2"

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Group: African Americans
    Theme/topic: Underground railroad

Status: Cataloged

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