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Accession Number: 1997.9.1

Physical Description: Handmade wooden soap box derby car. Black painted body, which tapers toward the front and back, with a white stripe along the top. Wing-shaped wooden axles extend out the sides at the front and back. A bent iron rod steering wheel in the cockpit pivots the front axle by way of a cable and pulley mechanism. Red painted metal wheels with solid rubber tires at the end of each axle. A brake pedal in the cockpit lowers a dray brake at the bottom rear of the car by way of a cable and pulley mechanism. A brown decal on one side of the car has white print.

History of Object: The Soap Box Derby car was made and used by the donor, Russell Dille, of Topeka, in August, 1973 in a race near Lake Shawnee in Topeka. The car was used just that one day, but there were several elimination heats. Russell ended up coming in sixth. See extended provenance in the accession file.

Date: 1973

Dimensions (in cm): 54.70 (H) 89.00 (W) 193.00 (D)

Marks/Inscriptions: [white print on brown decal] Kirby / Classic / TM ||

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Event: All-American Soap Box Derby
    Event: Capital City Soap Box Derby
    Individual: Dille, Russell, 1961-
    Origin, Place of: Topeka (Kan.)
    Origin, Place of: Shawnee County (Kan.)

Creators and Contributors

    Kirby Vacuum Company

Status: Cataloged

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