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Accession Number: 1957.185.1

Physical Description: Brigade flag of the 20th Army Corps, 1st Division, Third Brigade. The 8th Kansas was a regiment in this brigade. Dark red colored square flag. Emblem of black five-pointed star with the number "3" in white, located in the middle of the flag. One edge of flag is doubled over to form 1 1/2 hoist.

History of Object: According to the accession file: At Chickamauga, the 3rd Brigade commander, Colonel Hans C. Heg (15th Wisconsin Infantry), was killed and replaced by Colonel John A. Martin (8th Kansas Infantry) on Sept. 19, 1863. Martin presented Governor Thomas Carney with the flag at Leavenworth in April, 1864. (Leavenworth Evening Bulletin). Colonel Martin commanded the brigade from Sept. 19, 1863 to its dissolution on Oct. 9, 1863. As final commander, Colonel Martin would have been likely to retain the brigade flag upon consolidation. (Accession file, letter from Howard Madaus).

Date: 1863

Dimensions (in cm): 179.00 (H) 129.00 (W)

Marks/Inscriptions: [centered in star emblem near the middle of the flag] 3 ||

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Associations and Subjects

    Individual: Martin, John A., 1839-1889
    Business / Organization: United States. Army. Infantry
    Use, Place of: Chickamauga, Battle of, Ga., 1863
    Event: Civil War, 1861-1865
    Business / Organization: United States. Army. Kansas Infantry Regiment, 8th (1861-1866)
    Individual: Heg, Hans Christian, 1829-1863
    Business / Organization: United States. Army. Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, 15th (1862-1865)
    Business / Organization: 8th Kansas Infantry
    Business / Organization: Eighth Kansas Infantry
    Business / Organization: 15th Wisconsin Infantry
    Business / Organization: Fifteenth Wisconsin Infantry

Status: Cataloged

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