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Accession Number: 1983.2891.0

Entitled: Indian Attack Near Russell, Kansas

Physical Description: Large framed oil on canvas painting depicting seven white men on a railroad handcart attempting to escape an attacking group of Native Americans. Six armed railroad workers on a handcart traversing railroad tracks in foreground. Workers are turned away aiming at a large group of armed Native Americans mounted on horses. Multiple riders are firing at the workers. Additional riders entering scene from background at right. Double wire telegraph line runs parallel to railroad tracks. Picks and shovels abandoned on ground in left foreground. Prairie dog burrows in the ground among riders. Green rolling hills and plains below horizon line. Blue sky with rolling white clouds. The scene is littered with bison skeletons. Painting is housed in a large wood frame with a burled oak face and molded edges. Two brass plates screwed to bottom edge.

History of Object: Adolph Roenigk, of Lincoln, KS, commissioned Jakob Gogolin to complete this painting in 1930. Roenigk wanted to reproduce the image for a book he was writing entitled, ?Pioneer History of Kansas.? This painting, along with two others (1983.2880 and 1985.51) documents a Cheyenne Indian attack experienced by Roenigk while he was working for the Union Pacific Railroad near Russell, KS. Gogolin was German-born artist living in Denver, CO. The set is believed to have originally consisted of 6 paintings.

Date: 1931

Dimensions (in cm): 133.00 (H) 180.00 (W) 7.00 (D)

Marks/Inscriptions: [signed at bottom right] J.P. Gogolin 1931 // [center plate] INDIAN ATTACK NEAR RUSSELL, KANS. / 10 A.M. MAY 28, 1869 // [plate at right] COPYRIGHT OWNED BY / ADOLPH ROENIGK / LINCOLN, KANS. //

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Theme/topic: Railroads
    Individual: Gogolin, Jakob P., 1865-1940
    Individual: Roenigk, Adolph, 1847-1938
    Group: Native Americans
    Group: Cheyenne Indians
    Origin, Place of: Denver (Colo.)
    Theme/topic: Bison
    Business / Organization: Union Pacific Railroad Company
    Theme/topic: Russell (Kan.)
    Theme/topic: Russell County (Kan.)
    Theme/topic: Transportation
    Event: Indian Wars
    Use, Place of: Lincoln (Kan.)
    Use, Place of: Lincoln County (Kan.)

Creators and Contributors

    Gogolin, Jakob

Status: Cataloged

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