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Accession Number: 1897.8.19

Physical Description: Sons of Veterans badge comprised of silver plated pin, ivory celluloid card, and red silk ribbon. Top of badge has stamped silver pin with scrolled-diamond design. Celluloid card is attached to back of pin by curved metal points. Card also features scalloped edges and an etching of original Fraser Hall building on the University of Kansas Campus. Pin and attached celluloid card have become detached from the rest of the badge. Red silk ribbon features printed descriptive silver text and decorative border about a third of the way down the ribbon. Silver metallic fringe along the bottom edge of the ribbon.

History of Object: According to the Annals of Brown County, the donor (Grant Harrington) was a member of the Sons of Veterans, General Crook Camp No. 169 of Hiawatha. He probably acquired this badge while attending the encampment for which it was issued. The Sons of Veterans was an Allied Order of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Union soldiers? veterans organization.

Date: 1895

Dimensions (in cm): 18.00 (H) 7.50 (W) 0.50 (D) a) L: 3?; W: 2? b) L: 7?; W: 2 ?

Marks/Inscriptions: [Printed on ribbon front] JOURNAL COMPANY/ MAKERS. / LAWRENCE, KANS. / TWELFTH ANNUAL / Encampment. / SONS of VETERANS / LAWRENCE, KANSAS, / FEB. 26, 27, 28, ?95. //

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    Origin, Place of: Douglas County (Kan.)
    Origin, Place of: Lawrence (Kan.)

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    Journal Company

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