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Accession Number: 1968.82.52

Physical Description: Album Patch quilt with numerous handwritten signatures inked in black on the blocks and sashing. Marks on the center block include the name Rev. L. C. Schnacke, pastor of the First Congregational Church in Great Bend, and the date May 2, 1895. Top is pieced of different colored cotton prints and solids, predominantly in shades of red, blue, and brown, on a white ground. Bands of narrow white sashing between blocks. Many names are inked in black at the center of the blocks and on the sashing, probably written by a single individual. Narrow white cotton border. White cotton backing turned onto front to create binding. Cotton batting. Hand-pieced and quilted, with machine-stitched binding.

History of Object: According to notes in the accession file, the donor is the granddaughter of Rev. L. C. Schnacke, who was pastor at the First Congregational Church in Great Bend, Kansas. Schnake?s name and the date May 2, 1895, are recorded on one of the blocks, along with the names of his children (Ralph, Austin, Ruth, and Dean). Legible names, probably all residents of Great Bend, are included in the associations for this object. Leonard Conrad Schnacke was born in 1857 in Wisconsin and died in Topeka in 1941. He married Winifred Myers Davis (1859-1950) in Hiawatha in 1882. Their four children were born in Clay Center. Rev. Schnacke spent nine years as a pastor in Great Bend. A scan of the Great Bend newspapers for the days surrounding the date May 2, 1895, did not reveal any significance to the date, although it did confirm Rev. Schnacke was the pastor. This quilt probably was a fund raiser, with a small fee being charged for names to appear on it.

Date: 1895

Dimensions (in cm): 206.00 (H) 176.00 (W)

Marks/Inscriptions: [handwritten on sashing near center] Rev. L. C. Schnacke. Pastor of 1st Cong. Church. / Great Bend Kansas / & / Wife / Ralph. / Austin. / Ruth. / Dean. // [handwritten at center of one block] Gt. Bend / Great Bend Kansas / May 2nd 1895 // [many other inked names on top; see associations]

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Individual: Fitts, W.B.
    Individual: Charles, R.A.
    Individual: Moses, Grace
    Individual: Shaughnessy, Sarah Alice
    Individual: Volmer, Katie
    Individual: Moses, Allir
    Individual: Connett, A.H.
    Individual: Frost, Mrs. M.M.
    Individual: Donley, Blanche
    Business / Organization: First Congregational Church (Great Bend, Kan.)
    Individual: Giddings, Mrs. S.B.
    Individual: Aber, L.P.
    Individual: Pinny, E.
    Individual: Brinkman, J. Geo.
    Individual: Moses, George
    Individual: Dean, Florence
    Individual: Slinn, Mary
    Individual: Patterson, Frank
    Individual: Spencer, Mrs. Geo J.
    Individual: Dodge, Mrs. C.E.
    Individual: Charles, Ema M.
    Individual: Gould, Mrs. J.C.
    Individual: Brinkman, Louie
    Individual: Odell, Mrs. W.H.
    Individual: Dean, Estella
    Individual: Gilmore, Flora
    Individual: Brinkman, Minnie
    Individual: Schnacke, Austin
    Individual: Schnacke, Mary
    Individual: Brinkman, Viola
    Individual: Moses, Morris
    Individual: Dean, Elmer
    Individual: Vanpelt, Birtie
    Individual: Hobart, Mrs. M.J.
    Individual: Merritt, Eliza T.
    Individual: Moses, Eddie
    Individual: Grossclose, B.P.
    Individual: Hobart, Charles
    Individual: Ferger, Will
    Individual: Shaughnessy, Margueritta
    Individual: Moses, Earl
    Individual: Haege, J.W.
    Individual: Schnacke, Ralph
    Individual: Wiley, Mrs. H.L.
    Individual: Mitchel, Mary Holmes
    Individual: Davie, Mary L.
    Individual: Moses, Susie
    Individual: Townsley, Charles
    Individual: Tilton, J.F.
    Individual: Weltmer, Ada
    Individual: Savage, J.E.
    Individual: Brinkman, Lillian
    Origin, Place of: Great Bend (Kan.)
    Individual: Schnacke, Dean
    Individual: Townsley, James
    Individual: Spencer, A.E.
    Individual: Moses, Ida
    Individual: Moses, Jessie
    Individual: Brinkman, Charles
    Origin, Place of: Barton County (Kan.)
    Individual: Brinkman, Mable
    Individual: Hough, Florence
    Individual: Frost, Louie
    Individual: Townsley, Florence
    Individual: Lundblade, Charles
    Individual: Honnen, W.F.
    Individual: McClemmons, Willmot
    Individual: Schnacke, Leonard Conrad, 1857-1941
    Individual: Tyler, Ed
    Individual: Kelley, Will
    Individual: Typer, R.P.
    Individual: Moses, Clate
    Individual: Born, H.S.
    Individual: Moses, E.R.
    Individual: Slinn, John W.
    Individual: Shaffer, G.
    Theme/topic: Fund raising
    Individual: Fitts, Ella
    Individual: Brinkman, J.V.
    Individual: Crummack, Mathilda
    Individual: Brown, Mrs. J.W.
    Individual: Hulme, Mrs. G.H.
    Individual: Townsley, Willie
    Individual: Evans, Mrs. J.C.
    Individual: Davie, William M.
    Individual: Sterritt, J.A.
    Individual: Allen, Mrs. A.S.

Status: Cataloged

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