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Accession Number: 1882.8.0

Physical Description: Shallow rectangular pine box with irregular sides and no lid. Dovetail fasteners at corners. Top of box has been separated. Top edges of sides are irregular and sloping. Small round aluminum disk is mounted to bottom of interior. White paper label adhered to underside. Soil deposits on exterior sides.

History of Object: Portion of a ballot box used at the Stafford County seat election, held on Apr 5th, 1882. Before the polls closed, the box and building in which the election was held were hit by a tornado. The box was carried a half mile. The soil deposits were acquired during the tornado. The town of Stafford was first named Vicker's Sod Hotel, possibly named after the donor. Stafford was devastated in 1882 by a tornado and thus defeated by St. John, KS, in the race for the county seat of Stafford County.

Date: 1882

Dimensions (in cm): 7.60 (H) 21.20 (W) 39.10 (D)

Marks/Inscriptions: [typed on paper label] Remnant of Ballot Box used at / Stafford county seat election, Apr. / 5, 1882. A cyclone came up and car- / ried it out of the building before / the polls were closed, and when / found it was a half mile distant. / L.D. Vickers of Stafford, present- / ed the box to the Society, Apr. 1882. // [handwritten in black paint on underside] 6024 // [handwritten in white paint on underside] 6024 //

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Associations and Subjects

    Use, Place of: Stafford County (Kan.)
    Origin, Place of: Stafford (Kan.)
    Theme/topic: Elections
    Theme/topic: Storms
    Theme/topic: Tornadoes
    Activity / Occupation: Voting

Status: Cataloged

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