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Accession Number: 2002.60.3

Physical Description: Glass bead necklace strung on cotton twine. All beads are irregular and hand-shaped. Necklace is composed of two designs of beads: one is ribbed blue tubular, and the other design is blue globe with applied yellow/white/blue eyes. Necklace is strung so that single small eye beads alternate with clusters of three tubular beads, except at center where there are three very large eye beads set together. No clasp.

History of Object: From the Emporia home of William Allen White and Sallie Lindsay White. According to Jean O'Brien's Household Appraisal, William Lindsay and Kathrine purchased this Evil Eye beaded necklace during a trip to Istanbul, Turkey, in 1964. The necklace was hand carried to Athens, Paris, and San Francisco where is was shipped back to Emporia.

Date: Between 1960 and 1969

Dimensions (in cm): 58.00 (H) 2.50 (W)

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Associations and Subjects

    Use, Place of: Rome (Italy)
    Use, Place of: San Francisco (Calif.)
    Individual: White, William Lindsay, 1900-1973
    Use, Place of: Athens (Greece)
    Individual: White, Kathrine Klinkenberg, 1903-1988
    Use, Place of: Paris (France)
    Origin, Place of: Istanbul (Turkey)

Status: Cataloged

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