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[Food Processing Tools and Equipment]

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Accession Number: 2007.25.4

Physical Description: Small, square-shaped bag made of off-white cotton fabric. Shallow flap across top edge of bag. Green and white striped trim sewn around edges. Brightly colored embroidered image of a person on a donkey riding toward a church sewn on the front. Interior covered in sweatshirt-like material.

History of Object: Used by the donor's parents, Rafael and Concepcion (Connie) Rocha Lopez. Both Rafael and Connie were born in Mexico. They frequently returned there and brought things back with them, including this warmer. Connie used the tortilla warmer in her home when preparing meals for Rafael and their daughter, Carmen. In 1963, the Lopez's opened Connie's, the first family owned Mexican restaurant in Wichita, Kansas. It continues to be operated by their daughter and grandchildren.

Date: Between 1960 and 1990

Dimensions (in cm): 24.00 (H) 23.00 (W)

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Group: Immigrants
    Group: Hispanic Americans
    Use, Place of: Sedgwick County (Kan.)
    Individual: Lopez, Concepcion "Connie" Rocha, 1911-2006
    Theme/topic: Emigration and immigration
    Individual: Lopez, Rafael, 1914-1994
    Group: Mexican Americans
    Use, Place of: Wichita (Kan.)

Status: Cataloged

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