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Accession Number: 1971.80.0

Physical Description: Buffalo Bill commemorative liquor bottle of bourbon whiskey. The bottle’s body has gray glossy glaze. Wider bottom has a brownish glaze. The stopper has an orange glossy glaze with a handle in the shape of a buffalo. On one side is a printed collage on a green background of images of Buffalo Bill’s exploits. At its center is a raised portrait of Cody. A red paper bottle stamp extends from the buffalo stopper to the bottom of the raised portrait. The opposite side contains an oval printed portrait of Cody’s profile.

History of Object: Trophy bottle commemorating the Buffalo Bill 125th Anniversary. It contained 100 month old Beam bourbon whiskey. This was one in a series of Regal China commemorative bottles. Cody was internationally known primarily for his self titled Wild West Show but also as a pony express rider and buffalo hunter. Some commemorative bottles were personalized and presented to some of Cody?s descendents in Leavenworth at Cody?s boyhood home during a commemorative celebration held there Aug. 11th, 1971. See article in accession file for more info.

Date: 1971

Dimensions (in cm): 27.00 (H) 14.00 (W) 6.50 (D)

Marks/Inscriptions: [in gold raised lettering above portrait] BUFFALO BILL // [in printed gold lettering on scroll bellow portrait] W.F. ?Buffalo Bill? Cody / 1840 ? 1917 // [printed on sticker below scroll] Genuine / REGAL CHINA / HANDRAFTED / 4 / 5 QUART BEAM 86 PROOF / Kentucky Straight 100 MONTHS OLD Bourbon Whiskey / BOTTLED BY JAMES B. BEAM DISTILLING CO., CLERMONT BEAM, KENTUCKY // [on printed square image surrounding raised portrait] WILD BUFFALO BILL?S / WEST / AND / CONGRESS OF ROUGH RIDERS / OF THE WORLD // [printed in black below square printed image] Buffalo Bill King of the wild west / FRONTIER SCOUT ? PONY EXPRESS RIDER / INDIAN FIGHTER ? BUFFALO HUNTER ? STAGE- COACH DRIVER ? ACTOR AND PRODUCER / The greatest showman the world has ever known // [in raised lettering under glaze on bottom] LEAVENWORTH, KANS / BOYHOOD HOME OF / BUFFALO BILL // [underside, raised lettering under glaze] CREATION OF JAMES BEAM / KY-DRB-230 / GENUINE REAL CHINA 1971 / C. MILLER / REGAL CORPORATION / 145 / LIQUOR BOTTLE / DHN //

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Associations and Subjects

    Use, Place of: Leavenworth County (Kan.)
    Theme/topic: Anniversaries
    Theme/topic: Celebrations
    Individual: Buffalo Bill, 1846-1917
    Use, Place of: Leavenworth (Kan.)
    Origin, Place of: Antioch (Ill.)

Creators and Contributors

    Regal China Company

Status: Cataloged

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