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Accession Number: 2002.42.44

Physical Description: Hand-painted black Art Deco jardinière. Hexagonal in shape with three alternating floral scenes. Floral pattern is a single stylized flower done in dark reddish-browns and brownish-greens. Scenes are separated by a flat edge decorated with vertical geometric design. First scene depicts a garden and pond with swans. In front of black background are flowers of yellow, pink, blue, and purple. A woman stands with a basket in front of the pond, throwing flowers down into the water. Woman is dressed in white gown outlined in green with delicate design. The second scene depicts two women sitting and standing under an arbor with wisteria. The seated woman wears a multicolored dress with lavender skirt, blue shoes, and blue hat. She sits on a blue bench with her arm resting on a green garden table set with a teapot and cup. Standing woman is dressed in yellow with green sash at her waist. She carries an oriental style parasol. The third scene is set against a black background and shows a woman dressed in pink dress with red sash top. She stands on a balcony holding yellow Chinese lanterns. Additional lanterns hang in the background from a branch. Near her is a blue bench. The pattern on the floor is diamonds of white and lavender. The railing is lavender as well. Each of the three scenes represents a time of day; morning, afternoon, and evening. Interior lacks any embellishment.

History of Object: Hand painted porcelain jardiniere decorated by amateur artist Gertrude M. Anderson Armantrout. Born in Topeka, Armantrout painted china as a hobby from 1906 to 1936. Some pieces were exhibited at state fairs in Oklahoma and Kansas. Many of her works were featured in newspaper and magazine articles. Armantrout?s daughter, Marjorie Davis, inherited the collection in the late 1960s. Marks indicate the Ceramic Art Company in Trenton, New Jersey, where Walter D. Lenox served as president, manufactured the undecorated jardiniŤre.

Date: 1915

Dimensions (in cm): 16.50 (H) 23.00 (W)

Marks/Inscriptions: [bottom] GERTRUDE ANDERSON / AUG. 1915 // [circle with initial and painter?s palette] L. / BELLEEK //

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Individual: Armantrout, Gertrude M. Anderson (1891-1964)
    Business / Organization: Lenox, Incorporated
    Origin, Place of: Trenton (N.J.)
    Use, Place of: Topeka (Kan.)
    Use, Place of: Shawnee County (Kan.)

Creators and Contributors

    Ceramic Art Company
    Lenox, Incorporated
    Gertrude Anderson Armantrout

Status: Cataloged

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