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[Land Transportation, Motorized]

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Accession Number: 1942.27.2

Physical Description: Model of a Chevrolet Roadster. Miniature green two-door convertible car. Dark green body, wood running board, black fender, black leather roof and upholstery. Metal front bumper. Driver's side portion of hood can be opened. Driving mechanism visible through driver's side door. Trunk can be opening. Two headlights. Car horn on passenger's side. Steering wheel functional. Engine visible by opening hood. Passenger side windshield.

History of Object: As a child, Harold Kooken assembled models of cars, farm machinery, and houses from scraps found on his grandmother's farm. Often these were working models with movable parts. Harold and a friend created a detailed model of a Cord automobile in the late 1920s. It was taken to a Detroit auto show in 1932, and reportedly someone from General Motors was so impressed that Harold was hired to do design work for the automobile company. He allegedly ad a role in designing the 1934 model Chevrolets.

Date: Between 1929 and 1932

Dimensions (in cm): 15.00 (H) 41.50 (W) 15.30 (D)

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Associations and Subjects

    Business / Organization: General Motors Corporation. Chevrolet Motor Division.
    Use, Place of: Coffey County (Kan.)
    Origin, Place of: Waverly (Kan.)

Creators and Contributors

    Kooken, Harold

Status: Cataloged

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