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Accession Number: 1961.167.3

Physical Description: Blue paper seed packet containing 100 Gloriosa Golden Daisy seeds. Waxed paper packet. Yellow daisy depicted on front. Kansas Centennial seal at lower right. Lower left is company logo. Growing instructions in black text on back.

History of Object: This item was produced by the Kansas Centennial Distributors Inc., a corporation created for distributing and selling items copyrighted with the Kansas Centennial Seal. The item was produced for the Kansas Centennial in 1961.

Date: 1961

Dimensions (in cm): 11.40 (H) 8.00 (W)

Marks/Inscriptions: [printed on front] KANSAS CENTENNIAL FLOWER / GLORIOSA GOLDEN DAISY / 35[cent symbol] / MIDWAY U.S.A. / CENTENNIAL / OF THE STATE OF / KANSAS / 1861-1961 / Burpee Seeds Grow / W. ATLEE BURPEE CO. // [printed on back] [see accession file]

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Theme/topic: Anniversaries
    Business / Organization: W. Atlee Burpee & Company
    Theme/topic: Centennial celebrations
    Theme/topic: Agriculture
    Theme/topic: Kansas symbols
    Business / Organization: Kansas Centennial Distributors Incorporated

Creators and Contributors

    W. Atlee Burpee & Company

Status: Cataloged

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