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Accession Number: 2002.40.1

Physical Description: a) Large red bicycle with aluminum front basket (b-c) and rear bracket (d). Wide aluminum handlebars with blue rubber handgrips. Blue vinyl seat with two spring-loaded shocks at back. Red enameled steel bicycle frame with white trim. Hollow tin box, with small side door, mounted between top bar and double bar. Long aluminum fenders mounted over large narrow black rubber tires. Orange reflective sticker adhered to back of fender on back tire. Wire spokes connecting steel rims to center sprockets on both wheels. Gear mounted on side of back sprocket. Large star-shaped hanger sprocket in lower center of bike frame. Metal pedals, with black rubber grips, protruding from side of hanger sprockets. Narrow chain connecting hanger sprocket to rear sprocket. Aluminum kickstand bolted to under side of bike. b) Rectangular-shaped aluminum basket. Two-metal bands running underneath basket. Rectangular plate bolted to bottom. Two metal hooks protruding from back. Basket sides sloping outward to rim. c) U-shaped aluminum bracket that bolts to bottom of basket and runs diagonally to front wheel sprocket.

History of Object: Donor purchased bicycle for $34 from Montgomery Ward catalog in 1934 to ride to Admire High School from his farm. The money came from the sale of pigs he raised in 4-H projects. The bicycle was later brought with the donor to Topeka and in 1954 was used by his two sons to deliver the Topeka Journal. Welding on pedals was done at Admire Blacksmithing Shop.

Date: 1934

Dimensions (in cm): 106.00 (H) 57.00 (W) 181.00 (D) a) bicycle - L: 181 cm; W: 57 cm; H: 106 cm b) basket - L: 57 cm; W: 46 cm; H: 25 cm c) basket brace - L: 47 cm; W: 21 cm; D: 2.2 cm d) bracket - L: 46 cm; H: 42 cm; W: 17 cm

Marks/Inscriptions: [a-label below handlebars] WARDS HAWTHORNE / MONTGOMERY WARD / M W / [side of box] Flyer / [side of front tire] SR / ALLSTATE / SR / Premium / Made in U.S.A. / [back tire] SR / ALLSTATE HEAVY DUTY BALLOON / GUARANTEED / 26 X 2.125 || [b-plate on bottom] Androck ||

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Associations and Subjects

    Use, Place of: Lyon County (Kan.)
    Use, Place of: Shawnee County (Kan.)
    Use, Place of: Admire (Kan.)
    Use, Place of: Topeka (Kan.)

Creators and Contributors

    Montgomery Ward

Status: Cataloged

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