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[Medical & Psychological Tools and Equipment]

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Accession Number: 1969.34.11

Physical Description: .1) Brass spring lancet; flat rectangular case with knob end. Rounded steel blade set at a right angle to blade stem and curved spring handle protrude out of case top. Spoon-shaped brass lever mounted on side of case which releases blade. .2) Rectangular wood case with arched lid. Exterior covered with black leather. Interior bottom shaped to fit form of lancet. Interior covered with soft paper padding. Hook closure at front.

History of Object: According to the accession file, lancet was used by Dr. James Haller, who practiced in Middletown, Ohio, in the 1840s and 1850s. He later was a surgeon with General Sherman's Army. See accession file for more information.

Date: Between 1820 and 1880

Dimensions (in cm): 5.40 (H) 1.90 (W) 1.60 (D) Measurement given is that of the lancet. The case measures 7 cm in length, 3.2 cm in width, and 1.6 cm in height.

Marks/Inscriptions: [engraved on one side] WIEGAND / & SNOWDEN / PHILADELPHIA //

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    Origin, Place of: Philadelphia (Pa.)

Creators and Contributors

    Wiegand and Snowden

Status: Cataloged

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