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[Regulative & Protective Tools and Equipment]

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Accession Number: 1885.3.1

Physical Description: Wooden beam section from gallows scaffold. Long rectangular pine block. Wide mortised slot in center bottom. Round shaft drilled perpendicular through mortise. Rounded edges along top. Small circular aluminum tag attached to bottom. White paper label adhere to side

History of Object: The beam was part of the Surratt Scaffold used to execute the conspirators of Abraham Lincoln?s assassination. The following individuals were hanged from this scaffold on 7 July 1865: David E. Herold, George A. Atzerodt, Lewis Payne, and Mary Surratt. Nooses were suspended from this beam above the trap door. After the execution the scaffold was housed in the Washington Barracks. In 1881, the scaffold was disassembled and given to the donor Lieutenant Sebree Smith, an employee of the Quartermasters? Department. B.F. Flenniken, of Emporia, KS, encouraged Smith to donate the fragment to KSHS.

Date: Between 1860 and 1865

Dimensions (in cm): 15.00 (H) 89.00 (W) 15.00 (D)

Marks/Inscriptions: [handwritten on paper label] #517-A || [engraved in aluminum tag] PRESIDENT 22 || [stamped in bottom] X ||

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Use, Place of: Washington (D.C.)
    Individual: Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
    Individual: Booth, John Wilkes, 1838-1865
    Individual: Payne, Lewis, 1845-1865
    Individual: Surratt, Mary E. (Mary Eugenia), 1820-1865
    Group: Presidents
    Theme/topic: Trials (Assassination)
    Event: Civil War, 1861-1865
    Use, Place of: Fort Lesley J. McNair (Washington, D.C.)
    Individual: Flenniken, Benjamin Franklin, 1848-1920
    Individual: Smith, Sebree, d.1886
    Individual: Atzerodt, George A., 1835-1865
    Individual: Herold, David E., 1844-1865

Status: Cataloged

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