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Accession Number: 1962.71.2

Physical Description: Radio Orphan Annie Shadowettes. Six paper Little Orphan Annie character’s profiles with moveable jaws and eyes. Characters included are Annie, Daddy Warbucks, Sandy, Mr. Silo, Mrs. Silo, and Joe Corntassel. All have moveable sections that simultaneously raise and lower the characters’ jaws and eyes.

History of Object: unknown

Date: Between 1931 and 1942

Dimensions (in cm): 14.00 (H) 10.00 (W)

Marks/Inscriptions: [in text box on bottom of shadowette] RADIO?S ORPHAN ANNIE / Leapin? Lizards! Annie says / If you like thrills and fun / Hear my adventures every day / Don?t miss a single one! || [in text box on bottom of shadowette] DADDY WARBUCKS / Daddy Warbucks rich and kind / Calls his Annie ?tyke?/ He?s just the sort of Daddy / Most anyone would like! || [in text box on bottom of shadowette] SANDY/ He?s always right by Annie?s side / Thru thick and thin he?s handy / There?s no protector can compare / With Annie?s good old Sandy! || [in text box on bottom of shadowette] MR. SILO / Mr. Silo has a farm / And everybody knows / Whenever Annie needs a home / That?s where she always goes! || [in text box on bottom of shadowette] MRS. SILO / Kindly Mrs. Silo cooks / The tastiest of dishes / Her food is really wholesome / And always so delicious! || [in text box on bottom of shadowette] JOE CORNTASSEL / Joe?s the best pal Annie has / He?s strong and husky, too / He?s so hungry, Mrs. Silo says / He?d eat the whole day through! ||

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Associations and Subjects

    Theme/topic: Radio programs
    Theme/topic: Little Orphan Annie (Fictitious character)

Status: Inventoried

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