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Accession Number: 1972.12.87

Physical Description: Rectangular embossed color postcard depicting Halloween scene. Girl (with yellow pigtails, wearing green/white pinafore and black pointed hat) and brown cat are seated on a broom flying over tree-tops and a church steeple. Blue sky with crescent moon at upper right. Gold border. Reverse is printed with mailing directions, and has penciled message. One-cent postage stamp affixed to upper right.

History of Object: Unknown. According to the handwritten message on the postcard, it was sent to donor by her sister, and references two different Halloween parties in the Iola, Kansas, area.

Date: 1911

Dimensions (in cm): 8.90 (H) 14.00 (W)

Marks/Inscriptions: [printed on face] HALLOWE?EN / DESIGN COPYRIGHTED BY RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS CO. LTD. / Don?t I look like a regular witch? // [printed text on reverse] Raphael Tuck & Sons? ?THE HALLOWE?EN? Series of Post Cards, No. 181. / AND PUBLISHERS TO THEIR MAJESTIES THE KING AND QUEEN. / PRINTED IN SAXONY / BY APPOINTMENT / TUCK?S POST CARD . . . // [handwritten on reverse] Miss Edith S. DeMoss, / Odon, / Indiana / Dear Sister: Do I owe you a / letter? Wilhite is here / holding a 4 weeks? meeting. / Has been here a week, 62 / additions so far. In June, he / is going to move to Indiana / where he has bought a home. / That is nearer the center of / his field?Have been going to /church?no church tonight. He / has gone to Lawrence today. Go to / a Halloween party tonight / and maybe one tomorrow night / Lovingly, Margaret May. // [cancellation on reverse] IOLA, KANS. / OCT 30 / 6 PM / 1911 //

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Theme/topic: Entertaining
    Origin, Place of: Great Britain
    Use, Place of: Iola (Kan.)
    Use, Place of: Allen County (Kan.)
    Theme/topic: Halloween
    Individual: Demoss, Edith S.

Creators and Contributors

    Raphael Tuck & Sons Co. Ltd.

Status: Cataloged

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