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Accession Number: 1962.97.0

Physical Description: Red cotton Album Patch quilt top composed of multi-colored pieced square-shaped calico designs in blocks, with white muslin ground. Approximately 10" square blocks connected with 2 ½" wide stripes of red, brown and white calico. Inked names handwritten in center of each block. White paper fragments, with handwritten names, pinned to the center of some blocks. One edge is saw-toothed with triangle patches.

History of Object: According to census records this quilt was probably made in Pennsylvania and later brought to Kansas.

Date: Between 1854 and 1856

Dimensions (in cm): 209.60 (H) 208.30 (W)

Marks/Inscriptions: [handwritten on top] Remember me Feuary 15 / Lyda A. Davis 1856 / Maid by Sarah Emminger / Ellen S. Wiestling / Mrs. M.C. Wiestling / Miss Mary Swartz / Sarah Ann Dill AD 1855 / Elizabeth Dill / Made by Lusefta Lehn / September the 2 1854 / remember me / Annie M. Wiestling / J[illegible] Swartz / Catherine Free

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    Origin, Place of: Harrisburg (Pa.)

Status: Cataloged

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