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Accession Number: 1960.82.114

Physical Description: Costume jewelry brooch (.1) featuring a braid-wrapped ball with dangling bowling pins; pinback is loose (.2). Ball is formed of pale pink/green/yellow braid wrapped in concentric circles and stitched to front of clear plastic disc. Single red wooden bead is wired to center of disc. Some braid loops hang past the disc’s bottom, and dangling on these loops from brass jump-rings are ten wooden bowling pins. Pin heads are fitted with brass loops, and necks are painted with green, red, blue, or purple bands. Loose pinback originally was glued to back of plastic disc; only the pin and pivot joint remain.

History of Object: Objects in this accession were from the households of either Dr. and Mrs. Horace T. Slavens, or their daughter, Mrs. Hortense Slavens Diver. Presumably one of these individuals was a bowler.

Date: Between 1930 and 1959

Dimensions (in cm): 10.00 (H) 8.00 (W) 1.50 (D) H: 4 1/8"

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Associations and Subjects

    Activity / Occupation: Sports
    Activity / Occupation: Bowling

Status: Cataloged

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