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Accession Number: 1937.11.9

Physical Description: Crazy Quilt made up of irregularly shaped multi-colored silks, satins and velvets (including printed silk ribbons) stitched to a foundation fabric. Top is composed of 47 square blocks, most incorporating at least one printed silk ribbon from a meeting or event. The majority of these relate to woman’s suffrage and the Kansas Federation of Women’s Clubs. Others include the State Bar Association and the Kansas Council of Women. A few ribbons are fringed or decorated with metallic trim. Dates on ribbons range from 1882 to 1930. One ribbon dated 1928 includes a felt sunflower badge with a photographic button depicting Charles Curtis, who lost the nomination for the presidential candidacy to Herbert Hoover at the 1928 Republican National Convention. Most fabric pieces pre-date 1900 and are outlined in featherstitch embroidery. Small embroidered stars and scissors are scattered overall. Other decorations include small ribbons bows, painted flowers, decorative braid, and two embroidered badges depicting the shield from the Great Seal of the United States. Hand-stitched. Binding is wide band of black velvet. Pale green silk backing.

History of Object: According to materials in the Info File, this quilt belonged to the donor?s parents, William Agnew Johnston and Mrs. Lucy Browne Johnston of Topeka. The Johnstons were active in the Kansas Equal Suffrage Association (K.E.S.A.) and the Men's Equal Suffrage League (M.E.S.L.) of Kansas, two organizations that were critical allies in the 1912 ratification of the Woman?s Suffrage Amendment to the Kansas constitution. This amendment made Kansas the seventh state to enfranchise women. Lucy Johnston was president and campaign manager of K.E.S.A. in 1911-1912 during the final push for ratification. She also was active in other women?s clubs (thus, the many women?s clubs ribbons on the quilt) and pushed for better libraries around the state. Her husband, William Agnew Johnston, was Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court and an active member of the M.E.S.L. of Kansas, an organization that canvassed the state for woman?s suffrage. The embroidered marks ?L.L.D. / Oxford? may indicate the quilt maker and place of origin.

Date: Between 1880 and 1935

Dimensions (in cm): 167.00 (H) 165.00 (W) L: 65.5 inches; W: 65.5 inches

Marks/Inscriptions: [painted on diagonal in corner] WAJ // [embroidered near edge] L. L. D./ OXFORD./ 1921. // [printed on silk ribbon near one corner] Kansas / Federation of / Women?s Clubs / 1927 [state seal] EMPORIA / April 19, 20, 21 // [printed on silk ribbon near opposite corner] Twenty-Ninth / Annual / Convention / OF THE / K. / E. / S. / A. / WICHITA / May 7-8 / 1912 // [printed on silk ribbon near one corner] FORTY-SIXTH / ANNUAL MEETING / THE BAR / ASSOCIATION / OF THE / STATE OF / KANSAS / HUTCHINSON / NOVEMBER 16-17 / 1928 //

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Use, Place of: Shawnee County (Kan.)
    Theme/topic: Women's rights
    Use, Place of: Oxford (Kan.)
    Individual: Curtis, Charles, 1860-1936
    Individual: Johnston, Lucy Browne, 1846-1937
    Individual: Johnston, William A. (William Agnew), 1848-1937
    Business / Organization: Kansas Equal Suffrage Association (1884-1913)
    Event: Republican National Convention (1928 : Kansas City, Mo.)
    Theme/topic: Sumner County (Kan.)
    Use, Place of: Topeka (Kan.)
    Theme/topic: Suffrage
    Theme/topic: Voting
    Business / Organization: Kansas Council of Women
    Business / Organization: Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs
    Business / Organization: Men's Equal Suffrage League of Kansas

Status: Cataloged

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