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Accession Number: 1882.38.0

Physical Description: .1) Bronze Napoleon III Medal. Thick bronze disk with raised features. Profile of a man with goatee in relief on one side. Raised lettering on both sides. Smooth edges. .2) Round presentation case. Hinged lid. Light brown leather on outside. Lined with blue velvet. Round indentation on inside to hold medal. Small metal hook closure.

History of Object: A label on the object indicates that the Napoleon III awarded this medal to the state of Kansas at the 1867 Paris Exposition. The office of Governor St. John, who served from 1879 to 1883, later donated the medal to the Historical Society.

Date: 1867

Dimensions (in cm): 0.40 (H) 5.00 (W) 5.00 (D) .1) medal - D: 0.4 cm; Diam.: 5 cm .2) case - D: 1.3 cm; Diam.: 7 cm

Marks/Inscriptions: [.1-in raised letters on obverse] NAPOLEON III / [raised profile] / EMPEREUR || [.1-in raised letters within circle on reverse] ETAT DU KANSAS || [.1-in raised letters around circle on reverse] EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE DE MDCCCLXVII A PARIS / RECOMPENSES || [.2-bottom] #511 / Bronze Medal / of the / Emperor Napoleon, III / Awarded to the State of Kansas / at the / Paris Universal Expo / 1867 ||

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Event: Expositions
    Event: Fairs
    Origin, Place of: Paris (France)
    Event: Exposition universelle de 1867 a` Paris
    Event: Paris Universal Exposition (1867: Paris, France)
    Individual: Ponscarme, Hubert, 1827-1903
    Individual: Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, 1808-1873

Creators and Contributors

    Ponscarme, Hubert

Status: Cataloged

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