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Accession Number: 2012.78.24

Physical Description: Pen and ink drawing by Myron A. Waterman. Portrait of a woman, presumably Alice Gertrude Sheldon. Full length, three-quarters view. She is standing wearing a dress and a hat and looking into a mirror held in her outstretched left proper hand. "AGS" monogram in pencil at the bottom left corner of her skirt. Unsigned and undated. Two rough pencil sketches of a dog's face on the reverse. The name "Jack Brown" is written in pencil bellow the second dog.

History of Object: Myron A. Waterman (1855-1937) was born in Westville, New York. He had relocated to Kansas by 1886, when he was married to Ella Pearle Campbell (1861-1895), originally of Pulaski, New York and the principal of the Fort Scott high school. The couple then lived in Mapleton, where he was a druggist and was also involved with the Mapleton Dispatch. They returned to Fort Scott in 1890. About that time he established and edited the Mapleton Lantern, which eventually became the Fort Scott Lantern. It was during the political campaigns of 1892 that he first began to receive wider recognition as political cartoonist and illustrator, a profession he continued alongside his other jobs throughout the remainder of his professional career. The Couple moved to Topeka in 1893 when Waterman was appointed Assistant Bank Commissioner, a position he held until 1901. Ella died from a cerebreal hemorrhage in December of 1895. Waterman was a staunch prohibitionist and a member of Topeka's First Congregational Church, and in 1897 he married Alice Gertrude Sheldon (1862-1925), a sister of the Rev. Charles M. Sheldon (1857-1946). He partnered with J.F. Jarrell in April of 1900 to publish the quarterly The Kansas Knocker: A Journal for Cranks (sometimes cited as The Topeka Knocker). Although the Knocker only ran for six issues, it published essays by many notable contributers including William Allen White and John J. Ingalls. In 1901 or 1902 Myron and Alice moved to Kansas City, Kansas where he established the Citizens State Savings Bank. In addition to his illustrations in newspapers and The Kansas Knocker, Waterman also co-illustrated Albert Bigelow Paine and William Allen White's 1893 "Rhymes by Two Friends." He also published the 16 page booklet "A wolf in sheep's clothing: A pictorial expose of the Taxpayers' Protective Association and Citizens' Defense Committee" in 1912.

Date: Between 1895 and 1897

Dimensions (in cm): 24.00 (H) 17.80 (W)

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Origin, Place of: Shawnee County (Kan.)
    Origin, Place of: Topeka (Kan.)
    Individual: Sheldon, Charles M., 1857-1946
    Individual: Waterman, Myron A.
    Individual: Waterman, Alice Gertrude (Sheldon), 1862-1925

Creators and Contributors

    Waterman, Myron A.

Status: Cataloged

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