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Accession Number: 2004.76.106

Physical Description: Masonic ribbon from the 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite. Cross-shaped metal with a double-headed eagle at the center. The cross is black enamel with gold-colored metal trim around the edges. The eagle is made of gold-colored medal. The top of the medal is attached to a short length of off-white silk ribbon. The ribbon loops through a ring, which in turn is attached to a jump ring on the top of the medal. Top edge of the ribbon is hemmed to a rectangular-shaped nameplate. The nameplate resembles a medal frame with a plastic-covered opening. Behind the opening is a slip of paper with the name "Menninger" handwritten across the center. Bar pin with hook-like clasp on the back of the nameplate. Maker's mark at the center of the back of the medal.

History of Object: Ribbon most likely belonged to C.F. Menninger. According to Flo Menninger, C.F.'s wife, Menninger joined the Odd Fellows around 1890. However, the fraternal materials found in this collection relate to the Freemasons. The 32nd Degree of the Scottish Rite was the highest degree received by means of petition. Drs. C.F. and Karl Menninger founded the Menninger Clinic in Topeka in 1919. Dr. Will Menninger joined the practice in 1925, the same year the Sanitarium and Psychopathic Hospital opened its doors. Dr. C.F. Menninger was a general practitioner, while his sons, Karl and Will, were psychiatrists. Their clinic set the standard for treating psychiatric disorders in a way that focused more on rehabilitation than on rest. In 1948, state officials gave Menninger's control of the Kansas mental hospital system. Their reforms made Kansas' system the one followed by other state hospitals. The Menninger Clinic remained in Topeka until 2003, at which time it moved to Houston, Texas. This artifact was among the items transferred from the collections of the Menninger museum/archive in Topeka. The transfer was made at the time of the move.

Date: Between 1890 and 1920

Dimensions (in cm): 9.70 (H) 5.00 (W)

Marks/Inscriptions: [left edge of cross] T / O / P / E / K / A // [right edge of cross] K / A / N / S / A / S // [above eagle] 32 // [below eagle] SPES MEA IN DEO EST // [nameplate] Menninger // [maker's mark]HESS & CULBERTSON / ST. LOUIS. //

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Associations and Subjects

    Theme/topic: Fraternal organizations
    Use, Place of: Shawnee County (Kan.)
    Origin, Place of: Saint Louis (Mo.)
    Use, Place of: Topeka (Kan.)
    Individual: Menninger, Charles Frederick, 1862-1953
    Business / Organization: Scottish Rite (Masonic order)

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    Hess & Culbertson Jewelry Company

Status: Cataloged

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