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Accession Number: 2016.6.3

Physical Description: Anti-New Deal political handbill.The handbill resembles a dollar bill. Front has black printing and shows a bust-length drawing of a smiling donkey with big ears at the center. There is an illustration of a farmer plowing a field to the left and of a man in a suit slaughtering a pig to the right. Decorative border around the perimeter. Lettering at the top and bottom center and above and below the illustrations at the left and right. Reverse is printed in gold ink and shows three illustrations: a man in NRA jail at the left; a clown (possible a caricature of FDR) shoveling money at the center; and a man in a wagon pulled by a horse at the right. Caption below each illustration. Lettering at top and bottom center.

History of Object: John C. Hughes, a writer, humorist, and atheist activist, created this handbill. Upon his retirement, he moved to Squirrel Island, Maine, and wrote anti-religion books and pamphlets. Hughes was also no fan of Franklin Roosevelt or the New Deal and wrote handbills against both.

Date: 1936

Dimensions (in cm): 15.40 (H) 6.50 (W)

Marks/Inscriptions: [front, top center] NEW DEAL SOUND MAZUMA / REDEEMABLE IN BROKEN PROMISES / IS THAT WHAT WE ARE HEADED FOR? // [front, bottom center] WE PLANNED IT THAT WAY / HAPPY DAYS ARE WHERE AGAIN? / GOLD CONTENT 0,000,000,000 GRS. PER BILLION // [front, left illustration] BRAIN TRUST / [illustration] / MY "FRANS" // [front, right illustration] BRAIN / TRUST / MORE ABUNDANT LIFE // [front, lower right corner] 1936 FRANK C. HUGHES - SQUIRREL ISLAND - MAINE - // [reverse, top center] LOST MARKETS - HE GOT US INTO DEBT / ALPHABET SOUP - TEN MILLION OUT OF WORK // [reverse, left illustration] N-R-A- JAIL / [illustration] / AMERICA - THE LAND OF THE FREE / I PRESSED A PAIR OF PANTS FOR 35 / CENTS AND SEE WHAT HE DID TO ME! // [reverse, center illustration] [illustration] / BOONDOGGLERS / PLANNED ECONOMY // [reverse, right illustration] [illustration] / BACK TO THE HORSE / AND BUGGY DAYS //

Index Terms

Associations and Subjects

    Theme/topic: Protests
    Individual: Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945
    Theme/topic: New Deal, 1933-1939
    Origin, Place of: Squirrel Island (Me.)
    Individual: Hughes, Frank C., 1882-1961

Creators and Contributors

    Hughes, Frank C.

Status: Cataloged

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